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August 17th 2017 Entrevue avec CKVL – Skyler | Interview with CKVL FM – Skyler Skyler avec Charlie de CKVL FM en Lasalle, QC.  Veuillez voir l’entrevue et son interprètation de ces deux single “Unleashed” et “Evil” ici: www.soundcloud.com/ckvlfm/entrevue-skyler-wind Skyler talks about her path with music and the creativity behind her two radio singles “Evil” […]

Testimonials| TĂ©moignages

Since working with AM to FM promotions, our experience has been nothing short of extraordinary. Before deciding to work with them we had an offer from another company, but the depth of Andrea’s radio promotion plan made the decision an easy one. Andrea and Jessica are constantly following up on news, updates and ideas to […]

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Yes, my friends, it’s bubble bursting time once again. I cannot tell you the number of baby bands and solo artists I have spoken to who have that dream…

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Everybody loves a winner. You can be a winner in the music industry if you surround yourself with the right people. Let’s call them you’re A-TEAM…