Jade Mya

Jade Mya is a stunning voice in the Canadian Country Music Industry whose style is a refreshing blend of story-telling, heart-felt traditional folk, and rock with an edgy alternative twist that has connected with her younger fans at home and abroad in a profound way. Proud to be her own artist and stay true to herself, Jade is anything but the traditional “country girl”.

Jade is currently splitting her time between the studio and the road where she thrives during her high-energy live performances. With her hit versions of “This Love Ain’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us” and “Lies of the Lonely”, as heard on Nashville earning tens of thousands of fans online, and her original singles in the works, Jade Mya is a star who has a great deal in store for the Canadian Music scene.

Listen to Jade’s latest single “Dirt Covered Rhinestone”, it is a super catchy tune!


Bilingual Canadian Pop-Country musician, Jade Mya, who has 140K Instagram followers, is set to release her new single Dirt Covered Rhinestone  on June  23. The single, one of eight original songs off of her sophomore album, Dirt Covered Rhinestone set to drop this fall. Released under ILS (Independent Label Services Group), a Toronto-based international entertainment distributor and marketing company for Caroline International, a division of Universal Music Group. The title track and album are produced by Award-Winning producer, Justin Gray.  Mya is not your Girl Next Door, a unique persona rebelling from the country norm, while still keeping to her edgy twist which connects her to young fans home and abroad.


“I can’t wait to reveal my new song and sound, “ says Jade Mya. “I think fans will connect with the song on an emotional level while still being able to dance along”


Mya stays true to her country roots but adds a pop twist to the album; she’s inspired by country music icons such as Shania Twain and Dolly Parton with their empowering yet sexy lyrics and persona. Dirt Covered Rhinestone, written by Mya, is a upbeat response to critics and neigh-sayers about self-empowerment and self-love. The track was co-composed and produced by Justin Gray who has worked with major talent including Mariah Carey, Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse and John Legend.  Ben Pelchat (The Young and the Restless, Degrassi and The Hollywood Heights), Vezi (Alannah Myles, Ron Sexsmith and The Drifters) and Nikki Flores (Nas, Christina Aguilera and JoJo) collaborated on the song as well. The song features traditional country sounds (steel pedals and the acoustic guitar) along with a pop instrumentals and a catchy drum beat.

Jade Mya est une voix formidable dans l’industrie canadienne de la musique country dont le style est un mélange rafraîchissant d’histoires, de folles traditionnelles et de rock avec une touche alternative alternative qui s’est associée à ses plus jeunes fans à la maison et à l’étranger dans une profonde façon. Fier d’être son propre artiste et rester fidèle à elle-même, Jade est autre chose que la traditionnelle “Country Girl”.

Jade partage actuellement son temps entre le studio et sur la route où elle prospère pendant ses performances en haute énergie. Avec ses succès de “This Love Is Not Big Enough For The Two Of Us” et “Lies of the Lonely”, tel qu’entendu sur Nashville, qui gagne des dizaines de milliers de fans en ligne, et ses célibataires originaux dans les œuvres, Jade Mya est Une star qui a beaucoup de magasins pour la scène de la musique canadienne.

Écoutez le nouveau single “Dirt Covered Rhinestone” de Jade Mya, c’est un morceau super attirant!