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Scarborough Born and raised artist 2Day, is currently in the process of recording his debut project. He struggled with the issues of growing up in low-income housing, and the battles of alcoholism at a young age. Music seemed to be the only escape, as it helped propel him into beginning a career as a recording artist.

He has gone viral over instagram several times due to his intriguing singing covers, after the videos gained attention from notable celebrities such as Drake, Ugly God, Karl Wolf and more he received various opportunities to obtain management and record deals. After careful consideration he went with an independent label out of Toronto called Prolific Music Group.

New single coming soon!

2Day, artiste originaire de Scarborough a été viral sur instagram à plusieurs reprises en raison de ses couvertures intrigantes. Ses vidéos ont attiré l’attention de célébrités telles que Drake, Ugly God, Karl Wolf et plus encore, il a eu diverses occasions d’obtenir des contrats de gestion et d’enregistrement. Après mûre réflexion, il a rejoint un label indépendant basé à Toronto, Prolific Music Group.