Amanda Hagel

Since she stepped out onto the world stage with the release of her debut album Rush in 2014, one thing is certainly clear. Inspirational/Country Music Artist Amanda Hagel has embraced her calling and purpose as her impressive catalogue of music and its messages continue to be discovered, shared and recognized both nationally and internationally. Since the release of her latest single, the title track to her new album, Be the Light, in May of 2021, Amanda has garnered great recognition and success. The album placed in the top 5 Best Saskatchewan Albums of 2021, the music video for Be the Light was a finalist in the 2021 Canadian Independent Music Video Awards and her song Be the Light received an honorable mention award in the recent 2022 International Songwriters Day Contest. Amanda is excited to be back with her next single release titled Dirty Up Good.

Dirty Up Good marks the 5th single release from Amanda’s latest album and her 10th official release to country radio! The song is a highly energized track, with an uplifting and infectious vibe perfect for cruising into the summer season. Dirty Up Good tells the story of finding romance in the most unlikely of places.

Playing off the common phrase “you clean up good” Amanda speaks of her experience finding her car enthusiast husband surprisingly attractive after spending time working under the hood of his car. Perhaps a scenario that many couples in varied circumstances can relate to!  Amanda teamed up with The Animated Music Video Company to create a cartoon animated music video fit with personalized avatars to capture the positive and upbeat vibe of the song. Look for the announcement of the release of this new video on Amanda’s socials in early June!

 “Dirty Up Good” is a great addition to your summer playlist! 

Depuis qu’elle a sorti son premier album, Rush, en 2014, Amanda Hagel a un catalogue de musique impressionnant. Amanda a acquis une grande reconnaissance et un grand succès. Son dernier album placé dans le top 5 des meilleurs albums de la Saskatchewan de 2021, le clip de sa chanson, Be the Light, a été finaliste aux Canadian Independent Music Video Awards 2021. Amanda est ravie d’être de retour avec sa prochaine chanson intitulée, Dirty Up Good.

C’est la cinquième chanson d’Amanda à la radio country ! La chanson est une pièce très énergique ! La chanson est édifiante et contagieuse, et parfaite pour la saison estivale. Amanda s’est associée à The Animated Music Video Company pour créer un clip vidéo d’animation de dessin animé pour cette chanson.

“Dirty Up Good” est un excellent ajout à votre playlist d’été !