David Owen 

david owen

At 8:30AM on August 25, 2019 David was woken by a police officer at his door. The officer informed David that there had been an accident and that David and his family were summoned to Sudbury immediately. There they were given the awful news that Suzana Brito – David’s wife and the mother of their three young children had been taken in a tragic boating accident on Lake Joe the night before.

David was, of course, unable to speak to anyone.  He was non-responsive to the attendant media who were hounding him for the details.

Naturally David’s biggest concern was for his children – how they would be able to cope losing their mother.  He was anxious to try and keep a sense of normalcy for them and so reached out to their former long time nanny, Balme who, In addition to working for David and Suzana, had been attending school, studying nutrition education and had just started a job in her a new career.  She loves the children, and realizing how important this was she returned to work with them.   The kids love her and her husband.

This tragedy ignited a real creative spark. David says, “It would have made Suzana proud, she always loved my music.”  He goes on to say, “After my 2015 release and regional tour of ‘Livin’ Life’ I found that playing guitar was getting more and more painful. In 2017 I underwent a procedure to deal with the arthritis and began the long road to recovery.  I have learned to deal with the pain better and changed my approach to guitar playing.”

Stella Marie is a somewhat different musical vibe, but you can feel the emotions of the song. The song is very meaningful and came from living through the pain of the last almost two years.

À 8 h 30 le 25 août 2019, David a été réveillé par un policier à sa porte. L’agent a informé David qu’il y avait eu un accident et que David et sa famille ont été convoqués immédiatement à Sudbury. Ils ont appris la terrible nouvelle que Suzana Brito, l’épouse de David et la mère de leurs trois jeunes enfants, étaient décédées dans un tragique accident de bateau. David n’a pas répondu pendant des mois.

La plus grande préoccupation de David était pour ses enfants – comment ils pourraient faire face à la perte de leur mère. Cette tragédie a déclenché une étincelle créative.
« Cela aurait rendu Suzana fière, elle a toujours aimé ma musique. Après ma tournée régionale de ‘Livin’ Life’ en 2015, j’ai trouvé que jouer de la guitare devenait de plus en plus difficile. En 2017, j’ai subi une intervention pour soigner mon arthrite. J’ai appris à mieux gérer la douleur et j’ai changé mon approche du jeu de guitare. – dit David


“Stella Marie” est une ambiance musicale différente, et vous pouvez ressentir toutes les émotions de la chanson. La chanson est très significative et vient de vivre la douleur de perdre quelqu’un.