Highly Distorted

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Highly Distorted is a Canadian based Singer-Songwriting Production duo currently based out of the South East corner of British Columbia. The band is made up of members Tracy Towns and Cody Roy.

Growing up in Regina, Saskatchewan, Tracy showed a natural inclination towards music at a young age, playing a variety of instruments, and began songwriting at age 12. Tracy is a multi-instrumentalist for Highly Distorted with a focus on piano and production through DAW’s. At age 18, she became the first Canadian female to be accepted into Sir Paul McCartney’s prestigious Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts where she studied music. After graduating, Tracy worked as a composer for film and TV, on such works as Corner Gas and Canadian Antiques Roadshow.

Cody Boekestyn known by his stage name Cody Roy grew up in Cranbrook, British Columbia. Cody started playing guitar from a very young age after his father introduced him to music. Playing music and writing songs most of his life Cody always approached it as a hobby and didn’t start pursing it professionally until later in life, when he met Tracy in mid 2018. This event sparked a new found passion for music and lead him to leave his job so that he could pursue this new endeavor full time.

Creating their first song together in the middle of November 2018, the duo has been on a pace of creating just shy of one original song per week. Highly Distorted’s music focuses on pop and alternative styles, and aims to make music that the two band members would want to listen to. The two credit a lot of their sound to the dynamic nature of a male/female vocalist structure, and their ability to take advantage of unique vocal harmonies.

The duo has been recognized for their adventurous, creative and catchy production. Typically, the songwriting process starts with a baseline idea (whether that be a beat or a theme), and the two collaborate to build the song from the ground up. Their debut album #studiohouse is slated for release mid summer 2019 and features six original songs. The two draw inspiration from a variety of music genres and artists, notably The Chainsmokers, Muse and songwriter Max Martin.

Le duo a été reconnu pour sa production aventureuse, créative et entraînante. Généralement, le processus de composition commence par une idée de base (qu’il s’agisse d’un rythme ou d’un thème) et les deux collaborent pour créer la chanson à partir de la base. Leur premier album #studiohouse devrait sortir en été 2019 et comprend six chansons originales. Les deux artistes s’inspirent d’une variété de genres musicaux et d’artistes, notamment The Chainsmokers, Muse et le compositeur Max Martin.