The MacQueens

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The MacQueens are Kris and Liv MacQueen, a Canadian married music duo known for compelling songwriting, rich vocal harmonies and intricate instrumentation. Music-making has been a longtime pursuit for both of us, but separately until 2016. At that point, after 15 years of marriage, we decided to become musical partners in addition to already being life-partners. In 2018 we got really serious and got up on stage over 100 times that year. We began performing every chance we could, at open-mics, pub shows, house-concerts… anywhere that would have us.  Performing together almost immediately felt magical. It just worked. The songs breathed. Over and over again, we encountered reactions from audiences that cemented for us what we felt intrinsically: We’re meant to make music together.

Our songs are our kids. Kris typically gets new songs roughed out, and then Liv helps shape and refine them, both lyrically and melodically, with her remarkable musical intuition… And, yes, sometimes war is a part of our creative process too. But the songs speak for themselves. 

As 2018 started to come to a close, we felt it was time to level up. The songs were asking to be recorded. As proud of our short EP, “The Pearl” as we are, we knew the songs deserved more. So we hired our good friends and amazing producers, Joshua Ray and Karl Anderson of Anchour Studio in Maine. We’ve been asked why we travelled to the State to record an album. There are great producers in Canada, no question, but it’s hard to overstate the importance of the producer/artist relationship in recording. The deep vulnerability of creating art to put into the world is quite a thing, particularly when it requires a good chunk of our life savings. It became very clear to us that Karl and Josh were the right call for us, so in March of this year (2019) we travelled to Wyndham, Maine and spent 75 hours over 7 days capturing 10 songs in the studio. We are so proud of the result.

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Les MacQueens,  Kris et Liv MacQueen, un duo de musique canadien reconnu pour ses compositions fascinantes, ses harmonies vocales riches et son instrumentation complexe. En 2018, ils avons monté sur scène plus de 100 fois.

Nos chansons sont nos enfants. Kris obtient généralement de nouvelles chansons brutes, puis Liv les aide à les façonner et à les raffiner, tant lyriques que mélodiques, avec son intuition musicale remarquable … Et, oui, parfois, la guerre fait également partie de notre processus de création. Mais les chansons parlent d’elles-mêmes. – Liv MacQueen

Après leur EP “The Pearl”, Ils avaient engagé leurs amis et producteurs extraordinaires, Joshua Ray et Karl Anderson de Anchour Studio pour enregistrer un album. Il est apparu très clairement que Karl et Josh étaient le bon choix pour eux. En mars 2019, le couple a passé 75 heures sur 7 jours à enregistrer 10 chansons en studio. Et ils sont tellement fiers du résultat.

Écoutez leur premier album You & Me & Everything aujourd’hui!