Wolf Den

Julian Taylor band

Wolf Den is a music collective. Born out of a chance meeting at a Music Ontario Songwriting Competition for Indigenous Artists who were all raised in the province.  Artists who have decided to dedicate their lives to their art.

Once upon a time there was a large stone in the middle of the ocean where all of the creators’ creations lived together in harmony and within a structure and systems that went together like the wind and the rain.

On the eve of a habitual celebration of giving and thanks there was a huge lightning strike that decimated and separated all of its parts including all the animals and creatures that took refuge here. 

For years… many a spirit traveled throughout these lands of destroyed homes, forests, and fields searching for something. Searching for an answer as to why this once innocent and beautiful paradise was now a mosaic of confusion, loneliness and chaos. 

The winds howled apologetically, unknowingly tied to an invisible source. A deep source.  A true source, one of linguistic hope searching for a reply from anyone willing to try to sing back whether in harmony or unison. Singing songs and telling stories are a forever feeling reaching and searching for connection.

Songs are a journey. One may say they are the journey because they don’t belong yet long to find their kind, they long to find compassion.  Watch how nature exists. Watch and allow it to connect with you even when you’re not in any shape too. 

On this date in 2019 at a session at Dream House Studios in downtown Toronto the den was effortlessly and unequivocally brought to life because there was a brief moment of freedom and unlearnt behaviour but an ever so real understanding behaviour and appreciation for everyone’s take on everything. On other kinds of living beings, on being humbled, on being leaders and on being strong observers and even sometimes teachers. 

In tandem also learning the pain of being hurt wounded and silenced by predators. In the den they learnt the power of their own collective voices and how not to hide from danger unless absolutely necessary.

Until they were ready they did what all wolves do.  They’d hunt. Now their journey of discovery is to try and find a connection that slowly finds each of them find each other through their individual voices and all the teachings they’ve had. 

In this they found that they were stronger together as a pack. And each one of them showed themselves to be a leader, a follower, a fighter and a supporter. They now run together to find others who howl the same songs and stand together to learn from those who don’t.  This is how the wolf den was built and this is how it will grow

Join the tribe by listening  to their new single “So Close” coming to radio on September 23rd 2019

Wolf Den est un collectif de musique. Né d’une rencontre fortuite lors d’un concours de composition de musique de l’Ontario destiné aux artistes autochtones qui ont tous été élevés dans la province.

Les chansons sont un voyage. On peut dire qu’ils font le voyage parce qu’ils n’appartiennent pas encore longtemps pour trouver leur genre, ils aspirent à la compassion. Regardez comment la nature existe. Observez-le et laissez-le se connecter avec vous même lorsque vous n’êtes pas en forme.

À cette date, en 2019, lors d’une séance aux studios Dream House au centre-ville de Toronto, le groupe a donné vie à son chef-d’œuvre.

Leur nouvel single “So Close” sera disponible le 23 septembre 2019 !