Zoelly Music radio

Zoelly is anything but your average 16-year-old girl. For starters, she’s been penning lyrics and belting out catchy melody lines from the moment she learned how to speak.

 “I can’t even put the extent of my process into words sometimes but that’s part of the magic of it. It’s beyond words.” She says.  Zoelly certainly does have a flair for writing infectious melodies and lyrics that seems to connect with listeners; especially millennials. Her debut single entitled “Warning” was a pop-anthem that cautions against a generation that has become disenchanted by commitment.

So what’s next for Zoelly, you ask? She’s got plans. BIG ones. She’s sitting on a wealth of new material.

“It’s a single-based world now-no pun intended,” she joked. “The album has become a thing of the past.  But both as a songwriter and an artist, I feel that dropping singles until I’m out of high school isn’t a bad look either. Attention spans are short these days. What’s so exciting to me is the unknown. I love wondering where this journey is going to take me. Just knowing that my life is a ‘big book’ currently being written, and I am the writer… The possibilities are endless!”

Zoelly is heading to stardom and is the triple threat artist; her arsenal also includes acting and dancing. But it’s music that has Zoelly’s head and heart focused on a future with sound checks, studio jams and songwriting sessions.

 As a 16-year old who loves makeup and Instagram and pop icons like Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, Zoelly’s lyrics reign as sensationally sung commiserations held dear by daters and dreamers alike. 2019 will feature some amazing things musically already in the works from this insanely talented pop star!

Zoelly’s third single, “My Own Way,”  is available on all streaming platforms Feb 18th, 2019 and is certainly something special.

“My Own Way” is Zoelly’s first release to radio and we’re sure her talent and honesty will certainly continue to catch your listeners attention!

Zoelly est beaucoup plus que la fille typique de 16 ans. Pour commencer, elle a écrit des paroles et énoncé des mélodies accrocheuses dès le moment où elle a appris à parler. Zoelly a certainement le talent pour écrire des mélodies contagieuses et des paroles qui semblent se connecter avec les auditeurs; surtout les millénaires.

Son premier single intitulé «Warning» est un hymne pop qui met en garde contre une génération déçue par l’engagement. «Warning» a été co-produit par Adam Tune, Keys N Krates, et Ryan Guay. Le deuxième single de Zoelly intitulé «Blowing Smoke» a été lancé le 22 octobre 2018, avec plus de 550 000 flux diffusés sur Spotify.

Le nouvel single de Zoelly, «My Own Way», sera diffusé à la radio canadienne le 25 février 2019. C’est certainement quelque chose de spécial!  Le talent et l’honnêteté de Zoelly continueront certainement d’attirer l’attention de tous. Restez à l’écoute, car 2019 mettra en vedette des choses étonnantes de cette pop star incroyablement talentueuse!