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Radio promotion is a service where the goal is to place songs on the radio. In order to get YOUR music on the radio, the AM TO FM PROMOTIONS team maintain relationships with program directors at commercial and campus radio stations to promote you as an artist across Canada.

If you want to get airplay and connect with audiences, radio promotion is a great way to grow your career in music!

Our Vision                                                                                                         

As the owner of AM to FM Promotions, Andrea’s aim is to garner radio airplay on commercial radio stations for her clients. The process begins by listening to the music, and determining which format, if any, the song will be appropriate for. For example, a rock track would be worked primarily to ROCK radio, but if it has crossover potential, the song would also be worked to HOT AC or CHR radio. As a general rule, most songs appeal to at least two different formats. Once the format has been determined, she then refers her clients to digital music delivery services, i.e. DMDS or RDR Music. They in turn design a sell sheet to accompany the single when it is sent digitally to radio. This e-mail contains upcoming tour dates, the album release date, favorable quotes regarding the music, and various contact information, i.e.: websites, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. Phone calls to radio stations begin the week the single is available digitally, alerting them to be on the lookout for the song, and then pushing them to listen to it and add it to their playlist. The face of radio has changed significantly over the last several years and it now takes at least six weeks to start to see progress at radio. We keep valuable relationships  in order to insure success for our artists.

Major labels like Universal, EMI, Warner Brothers and BMG have large amounts of money to spend on marketing and promotion. The independent artists involved with AM to FM Promotions do not have budgets of that size, so it requires a completely different approach at radio. She is able to get stations to pay attention to her artists because they like and respect her. They also know she will not work records just to make money, but work with artists she truly believes in. In addition, we provide advisement and counsel for artists, helping them develop their songwriting in a manner that will insure radio airplay. Andrea advises them on their live performances, sighting ways they can improve their set list and stage persona. She works closely with unsigned artists to help them find record labels to bankroll their careers.

Andrea has referred many bands to a variety of labels and distributors, and also refers artists to booking agents, managers, lawyers and publicists in order to maximize their efforts to make an impact in the industry. We believe it is important to help Canadian artists make an impact outside of their native country. Andrea has teamed up with Australian Nathan Brenner (former manager of Men At Work, Split Enz and Crowded House) in order to break Canadian artists in Australia. Alan Oken, a music industry lawyer and former A&R Vice President for A&M Records, is her US connection and helps to broker deals for Canadian artists in the US. Together, they are working on deals for Randy Bachman, MIR. Goodbye Glory, Sonic City and SuperGarage. Andrea has also made valuable contacts in Denmark, the UK, France and Germany, which will greatly benefit her clients in the future.


the team

Andrea Morris worked in the music industry in the US, UK and Canada. Her career started as a radio personality in Jacksonville, North Carolina. She quickly moved from the midnight shift to mid-days and the job of music director. It was the first of several music director positions she held.

Andrea left the music industry for five years when she moved to Los Angeles to work in market research. Her move to England brought her back into the world of music. She lived in Manchester during the heyday of the Hacienda and the Manchester music scene. During that time, Andrea hosted a late night radio show on Picadilly Key 103. Stints at a few other stations followed, and then it was time to return to her home country, the US.

She moved to her home town, Cleveland, Ohio, and took a position as the afternoon drive announcer and music director on WNWV.

Needless to say, she reestablished valuable industry contacts, which eventually led to her being offered the job as regional radio promotions manager for IRS Records. She also worked for Discovery and Sire Records before moving to Canada.

Her first gig in Toronto was not at a label, but at MIX 99.9 as a fill-in announcer. She left there for the Ontario promo job at SONG Corp, and then became the national director of promotions for the company. She also held that position at Linus Records.

In 2004, Andrea decided to put her knowledge and contacts to work for herself and launched AM to FM Promotions, a full service, independent radio promotions company. While the primary focus of the company is commercial/campus radio tracking (Active Rock, Alternative, CHR,  Hot AC, Country), clients have also been provided with international label contacts and tour promotion.


Andrea Morris, fondatrice de AM to FM Promotions, oeuvre dans l’industrie de la musique depuis plus de 20 ans. Andrea a tenu une grande carrière et a pris  plusieurs role dans l’industrie. Elle a travaillée pour IRS Records (la directrice régionale des promotions), pour SONG Corp, Sire Records et elle était une annonceuse pour MIX 99.9 FM.  Avec ses expériences,  Andrea Morris continue d’établir ses contacts, et collabore sur une base régulière avec les radios et membres de l’industrie.

En 2004, Andrea a décidée de prendre ses connaissances et ses contacts pour travailler indépendamment. Elle s’est donné pour mission de développer une agence de promotion radio bilingue situé dans la grande ville de Toronto. C’est à ce moment, qu’elle a lancé AM TO FM Promotions,  une entreprise  indépendante qui offre un service de promotion radio exceptionel.  Bien que l’objectif principal de l’entreprise est la pistage radio commerciale et collègiale, nos clients ont également été fournis avec des contacts d’étiquettes internationales et aux services publicitaires.  Nous sommes fièr d’offrire un service de promotion radio personaliser. Nous aidons nos clients à sélectionner leurs extraits pour être tournée à la radio, plannifie des entrevues partout au Canada (incluent Quebéc) et plus.