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Ana Stasia Visits Radio & TV Stations In Montreal March 11  2019  | Le 11 mars 2019 Virgin Radio, Montreal Quebec Breakfast Television, Montreal Quebec ‘EMPTY GLASS’ Performed on CTV’s THE LAUNCH February 28  2019  | Le 28 Février 2019 Did you miss Nate Daviau’s performance of Bryan Adam’s song titled ‘Don’t Say You Love […]

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Testimonials   “You’ve written the song, you’ve recorded it, it sounds great, now you need someone you can trust to get it to right people. AM to FM Promotions is a company I know I can trust to present my songs to the best radio stations across Canada. They have given me valuable feedback and […]

How To Get Started

Yes, my friends, it’s bubble bursting time once again. I cannot tell you the number of baby bands and solo artists I have spoken to who have that dream…