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You’ve written the song, you’ve recorded it, it sounds great, now you need someone you can trust to get it to right people. AM to FM Promotions is a company I know I can trust to present my songs to the best radio stations across Canada. They have given me valuable feedback and created amazing opportunities which resulted in a buzz about my music, which continues to grow. I have had such a positive experience working with AM to FM Promotions and would highly recommend them to any indie artist.” Julia Tynes, pop artist

“I am beyond thrilled with the service, support, and performance from the whole team at AM To FM Promotions.  The number of radio station adds for my single “Wait On The Weekend” has far exceeded my expectations.  Andrea has keep me updated and informed about station adds as soon as they happen.  The weekly reporting for the radio campaign is clear, thorough, and incredibly valuable for sending out thank you notes and follow up calls.  I would certainly recommend AM to FM Promotions to any artist that is serious about creating buzz and traction for their singles at radio”. – Doug Folkins, country artist 


“I’m new to Andrea Morris’ team at AM to FM Promotions with a brand new single release to Canadian Country radio. Right from the start they’ve been professional, hard-working, enthusiastic towards my music and above all, honest as to what can be expected with radio. They keep you grounded but at the same time excited for the next add or feature. My music has a new audience in areas that we hadn’t had radio success yet, and now we have! If you’re working towards the “next level,” Andrea and her team can help you get there!” Tommy John Ehman, country artist


“C’est toujours un plaisir! Ce que j’aime d’AM to FM Promotions, c’est qu’ils remercient souvent les stations de radio de leur soutien via les réseaux sociaux, ce qui me met toujours un sourire au visage. Ils tiennent à nous faire savoir que nous faisons une différence pour leurs artistes, ce qui est très apprécié! Billie-Lou Roy,  Responsable de la programmation musicale CHHO FM 103,1

Wonderful opportunities have opened up for me  while working with AM to FM promotions – I’ve been included in red carpet events, been introduced to the Canadian country music industry, met other incredible artists, songwriters, radio personnel, and learned so much as an artist. Being able to hear my songs on the radio is such an incredible feeling and I owe a huge ‘thank you’ to AM to FM Promotions for not only their service, but also their help and guidanceindustry with radio and promotion. Their professionalism and their interactions with artists and radio personnel are next to none. Being able to hear my songs on the radio is such an incredible feeling and I owe a huge ‘thank you’ to AM to FM Promotions!” Alessia Cohle, country artist


“AM to FM has been a valuable, consistent, caring partner as we grow our presence in the Canadian country music scene. They have gone above and beyond for our team helping organize radio tours, interviews, live sessions, gigs and ultimately delivering meaningful results that have helped Nate Daviau gain real notoriety.  The team leverages their deep relationships and experience to provide connections and advice within and outside of radio, helping us build a strong multi-channel marketing strategy. They are a delight to work with and our favourite people for those long Canadian road trips!”  Sam Daviau, manager for country artist Nate Daviau

“Because of AM to FM promotions I have achieved a big dream of mine! Three of my singles have made it onto Canadian Hot AC radio. The team is persistent and believes in my goal. I am incredibly appreciative of the work they have done to help me with my music.  Forever grateful for AM to FM !” – Emma Alves, pop-alternative artist

“Not only are they professional and timely in all their interactions, they have a welcoming and kind work ethic. They have become part of my music family and I feel so fortunate to work with them!” – Justine Lynn, country artist

“Usually for new artists you need to find the best radio tracker to make sure your song gets some sort of plays. I got way more plays than expected as a new artist with AM TO FM Promotions. No brainer here. ” – Odious Love, dance-pop artist/producer

How To Get Started


A Beginners Guide: Building a Fantastic Music Promotion Plan

Our story, your team, budget and everything airplay

Do You Really Want It?Indie Connectors Logo 4C

Do you want to learn more about radio, airplay and music promotion? Do you want to get your music played on the radio?  Yes, my friends, it’s bubble bursting time once again. I can’t tell you the number of new bands and solo artists that I have spoken to who have that dream, but don’t have the talent, work ethic, drive or determination necessary to claw their way to the top of the charts. Oh I know – YOU are different. YOU have raw talent and all your family and friends think you are a superstar. But are those people going to fund your dream? Or are YOU going to work your ass off to be a success?

You heard right. I said WORK. After all, it’s the music business. If you want to be successful, you must start to think of music as a career – as your job. If music is just a hobby for you, the stop reading right now and go play video games. If your passion is music – if you live and breathe and die for music – then let’s move on.

You’ve probably heard the expression ‘pay your dues’. What exactly does that mean in terms of the music industry? Well it means starting from the bottom, being pretty much broke for long periods of time, working crap jobs and playing crap gigs to earn money and then finally breaking through with success. Anyone that’s been in the music industry for any length of time has a story to tell. Yours truly is no exception! When I first started out in radio in the early 1980’s, I left my comfortable hometown in Ohio for a job doing overnights at a classic rock radio station in Jacksonville, North Carolina. I was 19 years old. The job paid a whopping $3.10 per hour. I lived in a cockroach infested apartment that cost $158 per month. I worked as many overtime hours as I could. The first commercial I wrote and produced was for a drive-in X-rated movie theatre. (it turned out they loved my voice so much I got stuck writing, producing and voicing all their commercials for two years!) I did live remotes. I dreamt up ideas for station promotions. And in a little over a year, I was promoted to music director and the mid-day shift.

Did my life change dramatically after that first year? Well, I would not say dramatically, but it was great to sleep at night again, and earn $4.50 an hour! Being the music director gave me an opportunity to connect with loads of industry people, some of whom I still keep in touch to this day. Oh and I did move to a slightly better apartment. The most important thing is – I was a sponge. I learned everything I could from anyone who would teach me. I went to any concert I was invited to. I sometimes drove three or four hours just to see a band, then would drive the four hours back home and head to work with the bare minimum of sleep. And Lord almighty, I could tell you some hilarious stories about those days! Keep in mind – it was also HARD! I DID have moments when I wanted to chuck it all in and go back home. I remember one particular day when I wanted to admit defeat, and then I heard Bruce Springsteen’s “Thunder Road” and the last line “It’s a town full of losers – I’m pulling out of here to win” jolted me back to the fight. And that’s why I will always love Bruce. That one line changed my life. It made me realize I was a fighter, not a cry baby and I WOULD make it.

Okay, so enough about me! I was reading a passage from Keith Richard’s new book, “Life”. He talks about the early days of the Rolling Stones, when they all lived in a dirty little apartment in London, playing any gig they were offered and scrounging up money for guitar strings and the like. They didn’t ask for handouts. They didn’t expect to play for $500 a night on their first tour. Instead, they slogged it out in the trenches of stinky dive bars in and around London, honing their craft and paying their dues. They were not an overnight success. They basically started out as a blues band and over the years, evolved into one of the giants of the rock world. They survived the death of one of their members. They survived personality clashes in the band. They fought and they won!

And since I’m referencing the Stones, I might as well bring up the Beatles. They played anywhere that would have them. They went to Hamburg, Germany, where they played for eight hours a day – popping pills to stay up, living in dirty rooms, having sex with pretty much every girl they met, and learning how to entertain a crowd that basically doesn’t care if you exist. When they returned from Hamburg, they were a very tight band that knew how to keep the attention of an audience. They definitely paid their dues. And what happened after that? They sent out some demos, got rejected by quite a few record labels until one person at a label heard something special, took a chance and well, the rest is history. Did they throw in the towel when they got discouraged? No! They kept going and they topped the charts!

Do you see the picture now? Don’t expect to start at the top. Nor should you want to. It’s great fun to sit in a room with loads of seasoned musicians and listen to their war stories of life on the road, what it was like to start out and how they struggled. These experiences influenced their music and made them fully appreciate their success. You’ve got a long road ahead of you. But if you’re “pulling out of here to win” – I’m with you all the way!

Assembling A Winning Team

Everybody loves a winner. You can be a winner in the music industry if you surround yourself with the right people. Let’s call them you’re A-TEAM. It’s time to ask yourself, who do you need on your team. Here are some key people to consider, along with a brief synopsis of their duties.

MANAGER: A manager is your advocate in the music industry. This person will find you recording and touring opportunities, sponsorship deals, and promotional opportunities. A manager will coordinate the details of your career, be the contact person for your career and be a bulldog for you when necessary.Andrea Morris Honey Jam Mentoring August 2018

ACCOUNTANT: Yes, you need your own accountant. You need to save every single receipt in order to understand where the money goes and to qualify for funding. An accountant will help you create budgets for recording and touring and for marketing and promotion. It’s important to have your own accountant so you can keep tabs on your manager (investigate the career of Billy Joel if you think a manager won’t steal from you) and your finances. You do not want to be audited and a good accountant will prevent that from happening. Your accountant may also be able to assist you in filing the paperwork for various government grants and loans.

LAWYER:  A good lawyer is not cheap. But a good lawyer will make sure you are not a target for con artists. And don’t cheap out and use your manager’s lawyer. You are the priority. You need your own advocate.

PUBLISHER: This is one aspect of the business we have not fully explored. You can start your own publishing company, but you have to be sure you can collect your royalties. In Canada, you should register your songs with SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada). SOCAN is the Canadian copyright collective that administers the performing rights of more than 90,000 composer, author and music publisher members by licensing the use of their music in Canada. They collect license fees on the behalf of artists and distribute royalties to them. Royalties are wonderful. Here is a newsflash for you: a big chunk of change in the industry comes from songwriting. This is why you should never give your publishing away! And this is why many bands have broken up over writing credits. Sort out songwriting credits immediately and once again: DO NOT GIVE YOUR PUBLISHING RIGHTS AWAY!

PUBLICIST/SOCIAL EXPERT: How can you expect anyone to know you exist, if you don’t have someone out their tooting your proverbial horn? The role of a publicist is changing as the media shifts gears. Today, a good publicist needs to be adapt social media sites in addition to having contacts in print and television media. You want someone to increase your profile on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube Channel and the myriad of social networking sites that pop up. In addition, your publicist should get you exposure in print (reviews, interviews, fashion features, etc) and on television. A publicist will write your bio for you, and will also help you with content for your website.

BOOKING AGENT: You want to be renowned for your live shows? Then you had better get on the road! A booking agent will do just what the name implies: book shows for you! Now keep in mind, when you initially start off in the music business, no agent will touch you. You have to obtain gigs on your own, build a fan base and give an agent a reason to want to book you. In the end, it all boils down to money and an agent wants to know he can make money from booking you shows. When you sign to an agency, it increases your chances of getting to tour with bigger acts.

RADIO TRACKER: Oh did we save the best for last? A radio tracker, aka radio plugger, radio promotion person, will do just what the title says: increase your exposure at radio! Your radio tracker will listen to your CD or song(s), advise you on the choice of singles and the order to release them, and which formats will best suit your music. They will create a timeline for you, outlining release dates, with contingency plans built in as well. The tracker will alert radio to any tour dates and arrange interviews and radio performances when you are on tour. They will also coordinate on-air giveaways.

So, these should be the people on your team, but you can flesh it out a bit more, by adding in a webmaster (the person who designs and maintains your website), graphic designer (to create your unique artist logo and design your merchandise that the fans will be clamoring for); tour manager (the person who coordinates your life on the road – advancing shows, collecting fees, insuring you do your interviews, etc); and sound man (yes, when you get big enough, you’ll want to travel with your own sound man). Are you intimidated? Don’t be! If you have all these people on your team, it means you have taken your music career seriously and are SUCCESSFUL!

Budget Is Not A Bad Word!

Picture yourself at a concert, dancing and singing along with your favorite artist. Look at that awesome stage! Look at those lights! Check out those dancers! Yeah baby – that’s where you want to be someday, right? Well, how much do you think it costs to put on a production like that? Huge concerts are not cheap to produce, hence the high ticket prices. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. You’re just starting out in the music industry, so you don’t have to worry about semi trucks full of gear, a production staff of 300 and costuming costs. Let’s concentrate on what YOUR budget needs are as a new artist.

Being aware of the costs associated with recording, websites, touring and a support team is one of the first steps in establishing yourself as an artist and NOT a hobbyist. I know it’s a lot more fun to talk about performing and songwriting, but the reality of the business is this: nothing is for free and everyone is willing to take your money. It’s up to you to be smart and know what you SHOULD spend money on now, and how much is correct. I have spoken to artists who have gone into the studio with no set budget, then ended up spending close to $20,000 on three tracks, leaving them no money to promote their single to radio, or to publicize their music. They now have three killer tunes that only their family will hear.

Let’s start mapping out your budgetary needs. First of all, I would highly recommend setting up a spreadsheet to outline your costs. It is very helpful to see where your money is going. (As a side note: save your receipts) You need to figure out how much money you have to work with. You have been working hard, and perhaps even found a windfall of cash, so now you have a budget of about $30,000. Where is that money going to go?

Are you in a band? If so, you will have to discuss financial responsibilities for everyone in the band. Are the costs being split evenly? Are you paying yourselves while you are in the studio? Are you hiring any side musicians to augment your tracks? These are all budget entries. Are you a solo artist? If so, you are going to have to hire musicians to play on your tracks. Ask around, check out various musicians and ask what their rates are. Now you have an entry on your budget for musician fees. The musicians and their fees are in place, which means you can enter the studio to lay down the tracks. Decide on how many songs you are going to record and be sure to have the songs fully written before you begin recording, as you don’t want to waste precious studio time and money writing songs. Honey Jam mentoring Andrea Morris Artspace Toronto

Before moving forward – do some homework! You don’t need to record your tracks at the biggest and most expensive tracks in town. You can use a cheaper studio, and then master your tracks at someplace more prestigious. However, you need to know what this will cost you BEFORE you begin the recording process. Go online, or spend a couple of days visiting studios. Look at their gear, talk to the producers and engineers (you will have to account for their fees in your recording budget as well) and talk to other artists who have recorded at each studio to see how happy they were with the procedure. Once you have decided where you are going to record, you will have budget entries for studio time, producer fees, engineer fees, and miscellaneous expenses (CDs, equipment rental, food, etc). Make sure you know exactly how much money you want to spend and be sure to stay as close to that amount as possible. It is inevitable you will run over budget, so be sure to pad it a bit.


Look ahead to what will happen once the recording process is completed. What are you going to do with the killer tracks you have just recorded? If you want your tracks on the radio, be sure to research radio trackers. Again, it’s homework time. Check out their websites, talk to their former clients and ask about rates. This will be another budget entry: radio promotion. You want to think about hiring a publicist. Same homework rules apply and yes, it’s another budget entry!! Other costs to think about include: website, photos, biography (this may be included in the cost for a publicist), electronic press kits (commonly referred to as EPK), and manufacturing costs.

It can sound somewhat overwhelming. However, if you know the costs before you embark on a project, it will make your life a lot easier. The more you know, the less likely you are to be ripped off. Be realistic in your budgets and don’t spend all your money on recording! I’ve seen way too many people blow their budget on studio time and then what do they have? A great album that no one will ever hear (except their family and friends who have gotten copies for Christmas, birthdays and any occasion where gift giving is appropriate!) If you want to fulfill your dream of becoming an international singing sensation, then be smart from day one and budget. See, it’s not such a bad word!

Radio GAGA

Kaylan performing on air!

Loads of songs have been written about the radio: Queen’s “Radio Gaga”, Elvis Costello’s “Radio, Radio”, The Ramones “Do You Remember Rock ‘n Roll Radio” and REM’s “Radio Free Europe” , just to name a few. Now, how do YOU get your song played on the radio? Well, the first step is to get familiar with the different radio formats.

In Canada, there are six different music based radio formats: CHR (Top 40), AC (Adult Contemporary), HOT AC, ACTIVE ROCK, ALTERNATIVE ROCK and COUNTRY. There are a couple of AAA (Adult Album Alternative) stations in Canada, but they tend to be grouped with the Alternative Rock stations. In the United States, these formats are expanded to include URBAN radio (with a sub category of Urban AC), RHYTHMIC radio (with sub categories of Rhythmic AC and Rhythmic CHR) and Gospel radio. You will  see the Rock charts further divided into AAA (with a sub category of Americana and Folk), Classic Rock and Adult Hits.  Radio in Canada is different from our neighbors in the U.S.  If you really desire a radio hit, then you must understand formatting in order to produce music that is suitable for the right station and demographic.

Let’s break things down a bit. CHR is Top 40 radio, which is pretty self explanatory. The top artists currently at this format in Canada are Zedd, Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, Drake, and The Weeknd. Now, if you are familiar with these artists,  CHR radio in Canada is fairly rhythmic (dance-oriented), although you will see ballads on the charts if they are very strong and have hit at other formats. This should give you an idea of the type of sound you will need to produce in order to have your songs played on CHR radio. Keep in mind, rock oriented tracks DO appear on CHR radio, but only after they have charted at ACTIVE ROCK or ALTERNATIVE ROCK. Rock artists like Nickelback, Kings of Leon, Arkells and Weezer regularly appear on the CHR charts. Take a deep breath and we’ll move onto other formats!

Canadian ROCK radio is divided into two categories. We’ll start with ACTIVE ROCK, which is  more classic sounding than Alternative. The top artists currently at this format in Canada are Foo Fighters, Three Days Grace,  Billy Talent and Green Day. In order to chart at this format, you’ll need to crank up the guitars, bang on those drums and get a killer bass line. Now, when we look at the artists currently charting at Canadian ALTERNATIVE RADIO, you will notice a bit of crossover with the ACTIVE ROCK artists. The chart toppers are Weezer, Foo Fighters, Muse, Metric, Billy Talent, Three Days Grace, Rise Against, Tegan and Sara. In the US, there tends to be a bit more diversity in the lists, but keep in mind, there is a greater population density in America, and that lends itself to more variety in formatting. Julia Tynes performs at 91.5 The Beat

AC (Adult Contemporary) radio appeals to an older audience. AC stations are generally played in offices, as the music is mellower and not offensive. The current chart toppers at Canadian AC radio are Michael Bublé, Pink,  and Maroon 5. AC radio programmers steer clear of wailing guitar solos and concentrate on songs that have a broad appeal. On the other hand, HOT AC radio appeals to a primarily female audience that is younger than AC. The top artists currently at Canadian HOT AC radio are Kelly Clarkson, Loud Luxury, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus,  and Lady Gaga. There are a few artists who appear on the CHR charts as well as the HOT AC charts. And HOT AC radio can be more rhythmic than AC radio (hence the younger audience). If you want a hit at HOT AC radio, you can follow the rules of CHR and Rock radio (but you might want to do a HOT AC edit of your track that takes the crunchier guitar parts out).

Country radio should be pretty self explanatory! Get me some pedal steel guitar and take a look at the current top Canadian country artists: Washboard Union, Tim Hicks, Terri Clark, Dallas Smith,  and Brett Kissel. Canadian country programmers are always looking for a great song. Lyrical content is VERY important in country music! And, as previously mentioned, pedal steel guitar is a pretty important part of the country sound. There are many country artists who have successfully crossed over to the CHR charts, and these included Faith Hill, Shania Twain, Keith Urban and Taylor Swift, just to name a few. I think you know what to do if you want to top the country charts.

Campus/college  radio is another format not to be neglected. Campus radio is a great start for emerging musicians. The format plays all genres, including those that bend the norm. There are many opportunities at college radio for airplay, for live performances, and reaching audiences from around the world (and online).

So now you have a bit of knowledge regarding radio formats, which should help you to target where your music will be heard. However, getting your track to radio is the tricky part. That’s when you need to hire the services of a radio tracker. Radio trackers have a data base of all the radio programmers per format and in the country they work in. In Canada, many trackers cover multiple formats. In the US, trackers tend to concentrate on specific formats – jazz, country, active rock, AAA/Americana, etc. Again, the US has more radio stations per format, which makes it easier to specialize in one genre of music. Let’s focus on Canada, otherwise your head will start spinning!

Why do you need to hire a radio tracker? Well, you can try to track your single by yourself, but you will have to spend several weeks researching all the different radio stations in Canada to find the names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the program directors and music directors of the stations in the format you want to target. (a quick note: the program director – or pd in industry lingo – is the top dog at the radio station. He or she ultimately decides what music gets aired on the station. The music director – or md for short – is the program director ‘s right hand man/woman and has a say in what gets played on the station.) You will have to figure out when they take their music calls and when they send out their playlists. This is incredibly time consuming, especially since there is no industry trade paper in Canada with these lists readily available to you. Many radio programmers will not take calls or listen to music from people they do not know. Keep in mind, radio programmers receive anywhere from 20 to 40 new songs each week. Obviously, they don’t have time to listen to every single one of these, so they rely on trackers and promotion reps from major labels to help them set their priorities.

Hiring a radio tracker helps you get your music noticed by programmers. Mind you, there is NEVER a guarantee of airplay when you hire a tracker. Anyone who promises you with 100% certainty your song will be played at a station is lying to you. If I could guarantee radio airplay, I’d be a millionaire. Obviously, you need a GREAT song to get attention. You need a savvy radio tracker to help you decide the release date of your single to radio. As an independent artist, you don’t want to send your debut single to radio in September. Why? Because September and October are the months for the fall ratings period, (also referred to as the fall book) which is usually the most important ratings period to stations, as they base their advertising rates on this book. Look at the calendar and you will notice a BIG holiday that involves an obese man in a red and white suit. This holiday means major record labels are counting on a big fall quarter to boost their profits, so you will see releases from BIG SELLING ARTISTS, who will also be vying against you for radio airplay. Who do YOU think a programmer is more likely to add Beyonce or an unknown artist?

A radio tracker can help you choose the song that will most likely get airplay for you. The first single you release to radio should be a strong song that represents YOU as an artist. The tracker will  direct you to the proper format for your music. Sometimes you can approach two formats with your song. This is called crossing over. If you look back at the list of formats, you will notice several artists who are on two charts at once, hence the term crossover. It does cost more to work double formats, but there is an added bonus of more exposure, which translates into more sales. And sales mean money, which we all love. Niagara Falls Craft Distillers

When you hire a radio tracker, you are paying for their relationships with programmers. As you can guess, music is subjective. Many times, programmers have two or three songs of equal merit to add to their station. Their choice of the single to add to their station can come down to who they have a relationship with and who they want to help. That is why you need a great radio tracker on your team!

Before you decide to hire a tracker, I would highly recommend speaking with several trackers first. You need to work with someone who has a good track record and who you feel comfortable communicating with. Check out their websites. Speak to their former clients to see if they were happy with the work done. Try to chat with a programmer to get their recommendation. Be sure to do your homework in order to be sure you have hired a reputable radio tracker who will secure adds on your single. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! You are spending your hard earned cash on your dream of breaking into the music business and you have every right to get the answers you need.

If you would like more information on radio tracking contact us! Now go write that hit single so we can move to the next step in your musical success.

Want to learn more about radio, airplay and music promotion? Click Here  : Andrea Morris Talks Radio with RockItUP!


Events | événements

AM to FM LIVE is BACK! Join us April 18, 2024 at ARTBAY TO for an evening of live performaces by Jennifer E. Brant and Gentle Sparrow!

April 18th, 2024

Rob Fitzgerald hosts ” Single Release Party”, Sponsored by AM to FM Promotions. Saturday April 6, 2024 With special guests Andy Penkow and Ty Wilson

April 6th, 2024

AM to FM Presents: North of Nashville – “A Canadian Music Revolution” Documentary Release Party

July 6th, 2023

You are invited to the North of Nashville “A Canadian Music Revolution” Documentary Release Party! The film not only features some of the best indie artists in the business, it also includes interviews with Andrea Morris , President and CEO of AM To FM Promotions.  Andrea’s visionary strategies to promote Independent Artists have take radio tracking to the next level! She focuses on making her artists being not just heard but seen and remembered by top radio professionals! The revolutionary “North of Nashville” showcase   has taken the industry by storm and changed the way radio trackers do business!

The evening will include live performances by Ty Wilson and Rob Fitzgerald! Complimentary cocktails, beers and wine will also be provided to our guests!

Be sure to RSVP to [email protected]

AM to FM Presents: North of Nashville – Emerging Artist Showcase

March 29th and March 30th, 2023

AM to FM Promotions invites you for a night of fun and amazing performances by our Country artists. Take a trip to Nashville with our special guests and performers:

Day 1

  • Rob Fitzgerald
  • Jay Kutcher
  • Blue Ridge Band
  • Emily Kate

Day 2

  •  Ty Wilson
  • Justin Legacy
  • Jessica Sole

This event is NOT something you want to miss. If you enjoy high quality wine, refreshing cocktails AND refreshing, live Country music, grab your tickets before they sell out! We can’t wait to see you there!



AM to FM LIVE Musical Guests – Justin Legacy and Ila Barker

November 17th 2022

amtofmlive justin legacy illa barker

AM to FM LIVE invites you on Thursday, November 17th at Art Bay (Toronto) for a double feature including musical guests; Justin Legacy (Quebec) and Ila Barker (Winnepeg).

Experience a live show all while you enjoy complimentary drinks from our partners (beer, spirits, and cocktails). Show begins at 6:30 pm.

Get a glimpse of the YouTube Concert Series, AMTOFMLIVE presented by AM to FM Promotions. Watch episodes now: AM to FM LIVE – YouTube

AM to FM LIVE Musical Guests –  Matt Doran and Blue Ridge Band

October 20th 2022

AM to FM LIVE invites you on Thursday, October 20th at Art Bay (Toronto) for a double feature including musical guests; Matt Doran and Blue Ridge Band.
Experience a live show all while you enjoy complimentary drinks from our partners (beer, spirits, and cocktails). Show begins at 6:30 pm.
Get a glimpse of the YouTube Concert Series, AMTOFMLIVE presented by AM to FM Promotions. Watch episodes now: AM to FM LIVE – YouTube

AM to FM LIVE With Ty Wilson

August 18 2022

AM to FM LIVE invites you on Thursday, August  18th at Art Bay (Toronto) for a special performance by country artist, Ty Wilson!
Experience a live show all while you enjoy complimentary drinks from our partners (beer, spirits, and cocktails). Show begins at 6:30 pm.
Get a glimpse of the YouTube Concert Series, AMTOFMLIVE presented by AM to FM Promotions. Watch episodes with Ty Wilson: AM to FM LIVE – YouTube

AM to FM LIVE With Jessica Sole

July 21 2022

AM to FM LIVE invites you on Thursday, July 21 at Art Bay (Toronto) for a special performance from country artist Jessica Sole!
Experience a live show all while you enjoy complimentary drinks. Show begins at 6:30 pm.
Get a glimpse of the behind the scenes of our YouTube Concert Series. Presented by AM to FM Promotions.


AM to FM LIVE: Dinner & Show With Special Guest Matt Teed

June 16th 2022

am to fm live matt teed

AM to FM LIVE invites you on Thursday, June 16th at Spirit in Niagara (Niagara-on-the-Lake) for a special performance from country artist Matt Teed!
Experience a live show all while you enjoy a fabulous dinner and drinks. Show begins at 6 PM. $5 cover at the door (food & drinks are available a la carte).
Get a glimpse of the behind the scenes of our YouTube Concert Series. Presented by AM to FM Promotions, Spirit in Niagara and Studio 53, featuring musical guest Matt Teed.

FREE WEBINAR: May 26th 2:00 PM EST // Webinar Gratuit: 26 mai 14H EST

May 26th 2022 | 26 Mai 2022

webinar free andrea morris canadian musician

Free webinar hosted by Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Michael Raine and AM to FM Promotions Andrea Morris.  Join this webinar to explore insights and lessons on the music business and how independent songs get played on the radio. There will be time to ask your own questions too!

Webinar GRATUIT animer par Michael Raine et Andrea Morris. Rejoins-nous  et enregistrer ici: Radio Airplay Webinar (nwcwebinars.com)

Register now: Radio Airplay Webinar (nwcwebinars.com)

La Santé Mentale Rock Fest With Atomik Train

August 7th 2021 | Le 7 aout 2021

atomik train

Montreal, Quebec –  See Atomik Train playing  live at the Montreal Rock Fest pour la Santé Mentale on Saturday, August 7th 2021. Tickets are limited – get yours now: https://lepointdevente.com/lasantementalerockfest…

Atomik Train sur la scene, le samedi 7 août 2021 !

Billets: https://lepointdevente.com/lasantementalerockfest…

AMTOFMLIVE YouTube Premiere W/Jonas Tomalty

November 20th 2020 | Le 20 novembre 2020

jonas tomalty amtofmlive

Our virtual concert series hosted on Youtube, AM TO FM LIVE, is back with new episodes featuring Montreal-based artist, Jonas Tomalty! You may recognize him as the frontman of The Massive Attraction and for his recent radio single “Closer”.

Don’t miss the YouTube PREMIERE with Jonas Tomalty coming November 20th 2020 at noon!

Check out AM TO FM LIVE : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCppNE2ZOPNbScV5KRxQoKrQ

Notre série YouTube, AM TO FM LIVE, est de retour! Regardez de nouveaux épisodes mettant en vedette une performance virtuelle  d’artiste Montréalais, Jonas Tomalty !

Ne manquez pas le Youtube Premiere avec Jonas Tomalty, le 20 November à midi!

Découvrez AM TO FM LIVE : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCppNE2ZOPNbScV5KRxQoKrQ


October 22nd 2020 | Le 22 Octobre 2020cinemon live stream concert rock musicSpecial circumstances call for special measures – but the joy of music must not be spoiled! This is why the Cinemon concert will not take place in Nuremberg, but in Krakow. The audience can stream it live into their living room!

Check out our friends in Poland rock out during this live stream performance on our AMTOFMLIVE Facebook Page!

More info on the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/670790433540901/

Virtual Performances Are Back! | Performances Virtuels sont de retour !

October 10th 2020 | Le 10 Octobre 2020

amtofmlive jonas tomatly

amtofmlive virtual performance behind the scenes jonas tomatly

Our virtual concert series hosted on Youtube, AM TO FM LIVE, is back with new episodes featuring M.T. Walker, Jonas Tomalty, and more to come!

Check out AM TO FM LIVE : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCppNE2ZOPNbScV5KRxQoKrQ

Notre série YouTube, AM TO FM LIVE, est de retour! Regardez de nouveaux épisodes mettant en vedette des performances virtuelles en direct de M.T. Walker, Jonas Tomalty et bien d’autres à venir!

Découvrez AM TO FM LIVE : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCppNE2ZOPNbScV5KRxQoKrQ

Our Virtual Youtube Concert Series: AM TO FM LIVE Is Back In September!

September 11th 2020 | Le 11 septembre 2020


Our virtual concert series hosted on Youtube, AM TO FM LIVE, is coming back this September 2020! Stay tuned for a special performance by Canadian singer-songwriter M.T. Walker and for exclusive behind the scenes content.

Check out AM TO FM LIVE Youtube Channel for more performances:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCppNE2ZOPNbScV5KRxQoKrQ

AM TO FM LIVE: Beer Sponsor

March 4th 2020 | Le 4 mars 2020

great lakes brewing


Great Lakes Brewing has joined the AM TO FM LIVE team! Be sure to try their unique seasonal ales, year-round ales and premium lagers during the next #AM2FMLIVE studio sessions, held at Kensington Sound Studio (Kensington Market, Toronto ON)

Learn more: http://www.greatlakesbeer.com/about-great-lakes-brewery

INDIE WEEK 2019: Sara Diamond LIVE!

November 13th 2019 | Le 13 Novembre 2019

sara diamond montreal artist singer pop r&b

TORONTO – Thursday, November 14th 2019 @supermkttoronto, at 11:30pm

Buy tickets here: https://www.showpass.com/thurs-nov-14-supermarket-indie-week-2019/

Her next upcoming show after Indie Week will be in Montreal. Friday, November 15th 2019 @cinemathequeqc, at 9:30pm.

Be Part Of The Next AM TO FM LIVE!

November 6th 2019 | Le 6 Novembre 2019

tamara maddalen single

Be part of our next AM TO FM LIVE with Tamara Maddalen! Once a month AM to FM Promotions hosts a live concert series with our fabulous collaborators Kensington Sound Studio, Niagara Falls Craft Distillers and Blood Brothers Brewing. Watch the latest episodes here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1luD7zvWwM

Join us for the filming and recording of our next episode of AM TO FM LIVE with Tamara Maddalen, mingle with industry professionals, sample cocktails and enjoy live music. If you want to be there, please send us an e-mail at [email protected].  See you there!

Rainer + Grimm Live @River Gambler Toronto

July 27th 2019 | Le 27 juillet 2019

rainer + grimm toronto music event

Don’t miss a unique music experience in toronto this July!

 Rainer + Grimm will be performing on a neon boat party cruising on July 27th at the River Gambler on Lakeshore blvd. Get more info and tickets here!

Live @Kensington Sound (CMW 2019) Presented by AM TO FM Promotions and Niagara Craft Distillers

May 10th 2019 | Le 10 mai  2019

kensington sound cmw showcase


M.T. Walker


Hansom Eli



Jordan John


Jordan John Promo Pic.jpg

Kelly Fraser





encore promo pic.jpeg

Zoubi and The Sea


zoubi promo pic.jpg




Tamara Maddalen


Tamara Maddalena Guitar Pose.jpg

Wes Mason


Wes Mason Promo Pic.jpeg




Rime Salmi


rsz_rime_high_res-11 (1).jpg

For more information on our CMW SHOWCASE please contact us, or visit www.cmw.net


March 26th 2019 | Le 26 mars 2019

locklyn album release concert music toronto radio performance

TICKETS: www.eventbrite.ca/e/locklyn-rel8te-concert-tickets

DOUG FOLKINS LIVE in Nashville At The Listening Room

January 22 2019 | Le 22 janvier 2019

doug folkins music radio promotion

Troy Castellano and Friends

Doug Folkins is set to perform a songwriter session at the prestigious Listening Room in Nashville, Tennessee  on February 18 2019!

For more information, please visit  www.listeningroomcafe.com/about

Sierra Pilot LIVE AT The Rivoli | Sierra Pilot en direct au Rivoli (Toronto,ON)

January 17 2019 | Le 17 janvier 2019

sierra pilot music rivoli toronto


More info: www.rivoli.ca/backroom

Eden LIVE at The Portside Pub | Eden en direct au Portside Pub (Vancouver, BC)

January 17 2019 | Le 17 Janvier 2019

Eden music

The Portside Pub & Live Acts Present: Acoustic Night

Date: Sunday, January 20, 2019

Where: The Portside Pub, Vancouver, BC ( 8-11 PM)

DOORS 8PM // 19+ event

Lineup: Here North There, Cassels, Eden Music, Shane Steward, and GWAY.

More info: www.facebook.com/events/353889298731898

Sierra Pilot LIVE AT The Bovine Sex Club | Sierra Pilot en direct au Bovine Sex Club

October 30 2018 | Le 30 Octobre 2018

sierra pilot album band 2018

Bovine Sex Club Presents:

Plethorametal 12:00am
Darkstone Crows 11:00pm
London Stone 10:15pm
Sierra Pilot 9:30pm

Doors at 9pm


X.ARI  LIVE IN TORONTO | Julia Tynes en Direct à Toronto

October 19 2018 | Le 19 Octobre 2018

pistage radio toronto X.ARI

Julia Tynes LIVE IN DARMOUTH | Julia Tynes en Direct Au Montes Showbar Grill

October 20 2018 | Le 20 Octobre 2018

julia tynes agence de promotion radio

Torpille est une agence de promotion radio

Quinn Pickering LIVE AT THE ROXY | Quinn Pickering En Direct Au Roxy

September 22nd  2018| Le 22 Septembre 2018Quinn Pickering The Roxy

The Argues at CCMA’s Radio Row | The Argues Assistent au CCMA’s Radio Row

September 9th 2018| Le 9 Septembre 2018

country 103 corey barnes the argues ccma 2018

andrea morris ccma 2018 the argues real country

jojo mason the argues ccma

the reklaws ccma 2018 the argues

hamilton ccma 91.3 fm

the argues and washboard union ccma

country 107.3 fm with the argues ccma

Quinn Pickering LIVE AT THE ROXY | Quinn Pickering En Direct Au Roxy

August 18th 2018| Le 18 Aout 2018

Quinn Pickering August 18th The Roxy

Sawdust City Music Festival | Nate Daviau Sera Un Show Au Festival Sawdust City

August 3rd 2018| Le 3 Aout 2018

nate daviau sawdust city

Buy tickets now//Achetez-vos billets maintenant: www.sawdustcitymusicfestival.com

Event//évènement: http://canadianbeats.ca/2018/07/31/the-road-to-sawdust-city-music-festival-sawdust-city-brewing-co-shows/

Caroline & The Thunder Moons in Concert | Caroline & The Thunder Moons en show

July 20th 2018| Le 20 Juillet 2018

Cameron House Caroline and the Thunder moons

Caroline & The Thunder Moons will perform live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada  at The Cameron House  on July 20th!


Caroline & The Thunder Moons vont jouer live en show à Toronto, Ontario, Canada au Cameron House le 20 Juillet!

Nate Daviau LIVE | Nate Daviau en show

July 13th 2018| Le 13 Juillet 2018

nate daviau live shows

July 26th 2018 – Toronto, Ontario –  9PM// Le 26 Juillet 2018 – Toronto, Ontario – 21h 


July 29th 2018 – Toronto, Ontario –  9PM// Le 29 Juillet 2018 – Toronto, Ontario – 21h 


August 8th 2018 – Manitoulin Island, Ontario –  8PM// Le 8 Aout 2018 – Manitoulin Island, Ontario – 20h 


August 8th 2018 – Manitoulin Island, Ontario –  9:30PM// Le 8 Aout 2018 – Manitoulin Island, Ontario – 21:30h 


Sarah Smith LIVE | Sarah Smith en show

July 13th 2018| Le 13 Juillet 2018

Sarah Smith Tour

July 13th 2018 – Port Stanley, Ontario – 9PM // Le 12 Juillet 2018 – Port Stanley, Ontario – 21h  https://www.facebook.com/events/226467521277996

July 18th 2018 – Barrie, Ontario –  6PM// Le 18 Juillet 2018 – Port Stanley, Ontario – 18h 


August 17th 2018 – Port Stanley, Ontario -9PM// Le 17 Aout 2018 – Port Stanley, Ontario – 21h


JUNE 1st 2018| Le 1 JUIN 2018

Alessia Cohle on the red carpet at the CMAOntario Awards | Alessia Cohle sur le ‘Red Carpet’ au CMAOntario Awards

cmaontarioawards cmaontario awards 2018

Canadian country singer-songwriter Alessia Cohle walking the red carpet during the CMAOntario Awards 2018!!

La chanteuse-compositrice de la musique country, Alessia Cohle a marché le tapis rouge pendant le CMAOntario Awards 2018!!

MAY 23rd 2018| Le 23 MAI 2018

Alessia Cohle Live Shows | Alessia Cohle En Show

alessia cohle summer tour

MAY 8th 2018 | Le 8 MAI 2018

Nate Daviau Live Shows | Nate Daviau En Direct

MAY 8th 2018 | Le 8 MAI 2018

Sierra Pilot Summer Tour | Sierra Pilot Tournée d’éte





APRIL 11th | Le 11 AVRIL 2018

Julia Tynes Playing at the Supermarket

Don’t miss out on Toronto based pop artist Julia Tynes on Wednesday, April 11th at the Supermarket in the heart of Kesington Market.

More information on this event:


APRIL 5th | Le 5 AVRIL 2018

Sierra Pilot Opening for The Lazys

Join us for an amazing night at Rum Runners on April 5th in London,ON!

MARCH 3rd 2018| Le 3 MARS 2018

INDIE SHOWCASE (LME) | Spectacle Indépendante

COME OUT SATURDAY, MARCH 3rd for a indie artist showcase and networking opportunity hosted by Landmark Entertainement (LME) at the Revival Bar, Toronto.

Featuring: Coopertheband,Sincerely Craig, King Park, Key To The North,MitchTones Band and more!

Get YOUR tickets here: www.ticketscene.ca/events/20409


CE SAMEDI le 3 MARS il y aura un spectacle de artistes indépendantes et session réseau hébergé par Landmark Entertainement (LME) au Revival Bar, en Toronto.

Artistes: Coopertheband,Sincerely Craig, King Park, Key To The North,MitchTones Band et plus!

Achetez VOS billets ici: www.ticketscene.ca/events/20409

January 25th 2018| Le 25 Janvier 2018

December 16th| Le 16 Decembre 2017

Join us on Saturday night at The Baby G for a live performance from The Discarded. We will be promoting their new album ‘Manifesto’ in the new year to Campus Radio! Get your first listen of this electrically-cool trio band! DEC 16th at 9PM.


Rejoignez-nous samedi soir au Baby G pour une performance en direct avec The Discarded. Nous ferons la promotion de leur nouvel album “Manifesto” dans la nouvelle année au radio campus ! Obtenez votre première écoute de ce  trio électriquement cool.

Le 16 Dec a 21h.

December 16th| Le 16 Decembre 2017

  Jade Mya LIVE | JADE MYA EN Spectacle

Join a night with Jade Mya in London, Ontario’s largest Country Club – Cowboys Ranch on December 16th at 9PM (19+)! The event will be hosted by BX93 with amazing contest and prizes.


Joignez-vous à une soirée avec Jade Mya au le plus grand country club de London, Ontario – Cowboys Ranch le 16 décembre à 21h (19+)! L’événement sera organisé par BX93 avec un concours et des prix incroyables.

November 1st 2017


Wes Mason will be playing at the redlinebrewhouse this Friday, November 3rd, then the collectiveham Brewery on November 5th before he hits the stage during @indieweek at @thepaddockto.


Wes Mason jouera au Redline Brewery ce vendredi, le 3 Novembre, après le Collective Ham Brewery le 5 Novembre juste avant qu’il joue au Paddock  en Toronto pour la semaine de Indie Week.

August 13th 2017

Sofia Blu takes on the stage twice during Toronto’s largest food festival, the Taste of The Danforth

Sofia Blu had a very busy weekend this August. With a show at Collingwood’s Blue Mountain and two performances during Toronto’s largest food festival, The Taste of The Danforth, Sofia Blu couldn’t have impressed us more.

The 13 year old is a natural performer on stage. She debuted her new single “Be Myself” and sang 3 original tracks along with a few covers. We are looking forward to seeing this young pop songstress’ career blossom!

July 25th 2017

Jade Mya Radio & Festival Tour (Ontario/Québec)

Catch Jade Mya on the road visiting radio this summer across  Alberta, Ontario and Québec! Jade Mya is about to embark on a festival tour in Québec to promote her new hit single ” Dirt Covered Rhinestone” ! If you haven’t hear it already… you better hear it now -it is gonna be HUGE!

Tour Dates:

GATINEAU – AUGUST 3 rd, Le Festival Country du Grand-Gatineau


 ÎLES-DE-LA-MADELEINE – AUGUST 11th,  Concours de châteaux de sable des îles

21H et 22H/ 9PM and 10PM

MONTRÉAL- AUGUST 24th, NomadFest Rodéo Urbain de Montréal


 ST-TITE – SEPTEMBER 16th, Festival Western de St-Tite


July 25th 2017

Sofia Blu LIVE

August 11th – Taste of the Danforth (Toronto)

August 12th – Blue Mountain (Collingwood)

August 13th – Taste of the Danforth

July 12th 2017

Radio & Music Industry Free Seminar

We are happy to be hosting  “Insights into the radio and music industry” seminar  in collaboration with Independent Music Business and OMIC !  Don’t miss out on this huge opportunity to ask all your questions–Saturday, July 15th.

When: Saturday, July 15th, 11:30AM-1PM

Where: Capital Rehearsal Studios, Ottawa, ON

What: AM to FM Promotions’ founder, Andrea Morris, will be hosting a free seminar about getting your songs on the radio, the inside scoop on the music industry and more.

Who: we are calling out to all emerging artists and their teams to join this informative seminar, that is completely free!

More info: www.facebook.com/events/235562496944967

Not available on Saturday July 15th?  Tweet @amtofmpromotion or DM us! We will be responding to your questions throughout the entire day.

June 29th 2017

Celebrate Canada Day with a new TUNE!

We Are One is a collaborative song about the diversity, love and unity we experience being Canadian. On July 1st, for Canada’s 150th we are releasing the song “We Are One” everywhere for listeners to hear!

Follow We Are One:


June 18th 2017

MMVA’s 2017

We had a spectacular time joining the Field’s Annual MMVAS party held at the CUBE lounge on Queen St West.  We invited our AM to FM artists to join the party and schmooze with artists and industry people a like. Felitche, Jonny Debt, Dahlia, Raph (Bridgeway), all attended the event.

Jonny, Jessica, Andrea | The Field MMVAS Pre-Party
Felitche| The Field MMVAS Pre-Party
The Field MMVAS Pre-Party
Jonny Debt| The Field MMVAS Pre-Party

June 5th 2017

CMAO Conference 2017

Meet Andrea Morris and her team during the CMAOntario conference in London Ontario (June 9th-11th).

Find out more via www.cmaontario.ca/road-to-independence-conference/conference-schedule-panel-info/

mentors cafe cmao

cmao conference 2017

May 15th 2017


AM to FM Promotions presents What Love Would want in coordination with Tim Arnold, Music Coin, and Diane Foy PR.

This new track features a very special music video that lies close within our hearts. It is the first time a diversity of real couples are captured on film (Gay, Lesbian, interracial, trans).

Join the conversation on May 17th, for the international day against homophobia and transphobia by using the hashtag #WhatLoveWouldWant and viewing our live streams that will be posted on our page on Wednesday, May 17th!

Follow Tim Arnold @timarnold

Follow AM to FM Promotions @amtofmpromotions

May 3rd 2017

Our friends at Akashic Rekords are hosting a New Artist Showcase  on Wednesday, May 17th!

Akashic Showcase Opera House May 17 2017

Meet new artists, producers, and AM to FM!

Get your tickets here: https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1450641?utm_medium=bks

Artist Lineup includes; Mike Black, Alvina August, Michelle Cavaleri, Tessa, Dante Matas, Serena Rutledge, Gabrie, Latoya Mullings, I.V.

See you there!

April 27th 2017


blood nd glass

April 18th 2017

And so it begins… CMW2017

Keeping up with Canadian Music Week 2017 can be overwhelming when there are so many exciting showcases to choose from but you can’t be everywhere at once- if only we could adapt teleportation…
Want to know what events AM to FM Promotions will be attending?
Check out the ‘Events’ tab  on our Facebook Page for all the dates/times! ?

PSst! Follow us @amtofmpromotions and/or tweet us @amtofmpromotion for exclusive pics, live streams and more!

Suivez-nous @amtofmpromotions

April 3rd  2017


Join us during Canadian Music Week 2017  for some amazing performances. We have AM to FM artists playing showcases across the city for this highly anticipated music week.


Tuesday April 18
Midnight Shine
Tranzac Club @ 10:00pm
A night of Aboriginal music

Wednesday April 19
Birds of Olympus
The Underground in The Drake Hotel @ 10:30pm
Music From Ireland Showcase

Thursday April 20
Lemon Cash & Midnight Shine
Hardrock Café @ 10:00pm
CMW Showcase

Thursday April 20
Sunrise and Good People
Grace O’ Malley’s @ 10:00pm
CMW Showcase

Thursday April 20
Birds of Olympus
Great Hall @ 8:00pm
Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2

Friday  April 21
Midnight Shine
The Hideout @ 12 midnight
CMW Showcase

Sunday  April 23
Birds Of Olympus
Cadillac Lounge @8:00PM
Introducing the Birds of Olympus and special guests ($20)

Other important dates

April 18th- BINK LIVE @CMW

For more information on CMW, check this out www.cmw.net/music

March 28th 2017

Sister Love FB

Midnight Shine performs in Ottawa for the Juno Cup Jam !
When: MARCH 30th 2017

Tickets: http://junoawards.ca/event/juno-cup-jam-2

2017 JUNO Cup Jam poster

March 20th 2017


Felitche live at the Silver Dollar in Toronto, Saturday, March 25th!

February 28th 2017


roadshow 2017 cmaontario

AM to FM Promotions will be joining the expert panel for the CMAO Roadshow on Saturday, March 18th held at Algonquin College in Ottawa.

We will be delivering helpful tools & advice on how to develop yourself as an artist in the music industry.

We are hoping that you would be able to participate in our “Building Your Team & Getting Your Music Out There” seminar from 10:40am-11:50am.

Where: Algonquin College, Ottawa

When: Saturday, March 18th 10:40am-11:50am

What: CMAO Roadshow featuring seminars by industry experts and showcases.

More info and how you can sign up >> CMAO Roadshow 2017

February 6th 2017

LORA RYAN will be LIVE this Friday, February 9th at WAYLA BAR.

Where: Wayla Bar  (996 Queen St East, Toronto, M4M 1K3)

When: Thursday, February, 9th  @9pm -12pm

What: Free Cover* Performance by Lora Ryan with special guest Andrew Scott.

Facebook event page

See YOU there !

January 18th 2017

Alessia Cohle opens for Brett Kissel Jan 18th 2017
Alessia Cohle opens for Brett Kissel Jan 18th 2017


Alessia Cohle had a night to remember on Wednesday night. Alessia opened the Brett Kissel show held in Guelph !

January 11th 2017

Happy New Year & Welcome to 2017 !

We are excited to announce some brand new music this month- Lemon Cash  and Emma Alves have brand new singles, and we have some new artists on our roster as well !

Some events happening this January:

Jan 18                   Alessia Cohle with Brett Kissel

Jan 21                          Horseshoe Tavern – Lemon Cash

December 12th 2016

AM to FM Promotions Attends the Unison Benevolent Fund’s , ‘Holiday Schmoozefest 2016’

Holiday Schmoozefest unison-benevolent-fund-party-2016 15536811_10211046804795050_1941083712_o-1The Unison Fund provides discreet relief to music industry professionals in times of crisis. There are two distinct types of support available through the fund, Financial Assistance and Counselling & Health Solutions.

December 10th 2016


We are Wolves will be playing LIVE in Toronto!

En spectacle le Samedira 10 Decembre à The Baby G (TORONTO) !

November 15th 2016

 Talk To Me, Album Release Party with Alessia Cohle

Alessia 15126006_10210761875031984_758865720_o 15127316_10210761875271990_2023702764_oA night to remember for us all, Alessia Cohle has followed her dreams in Country music.  After months of dedication and hard work, the album, Talk To Me is an array of harmonies that describe the unique sound of Alessia Cohle’s music.

Check out the album on Itunes today!

November 7th 2016

Jade Mya LIVE at the ROM


High energy, amazing audience and the perfect ambiance. Last Friday night was a hit at the Royal Ontario Museum!

October 26th 2016


NOVEMBER 4TH: Jade Mya live @ the ROM in Toronto .

NOVEMBER 5TH:  Alysha Brilla live in Toronto.

NOVEMBER 5TH: BINK performing live at 401 mini indy in Toronto!

NOVEMBER 15TH: Alessia Cohle CD Release Party.

NOVEMBER 17TH: Indie Week Emerging Country Artist Showcase.

ask us about these events for more information!

October 22nd  2016

Sunrise and Good People LIVE in Granby!

EN DIRECT Sunrise and Good People GRANBY!


Click here for more info

Voir pour plus d’infos

October 15th  2016

Jade Mya LIVE @ Cadillac Lounge


Jade Mya continues to promote her new album “Heartbreak Country” by performing her hits “Lies of the Lonely”, “Telescope” and her new single “Another Thing Coming”. Catch Jade on her upcoming dates in Toronto.Next stop, ROM (November 4th).

October 3rd 2016

Mentana LIVE in Toronto!


Check out the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1317039291662722

September 29th 2016


Thursday, September 29th Goodnight,Sunrise is releasing their 2nd album “Falling Awake”. We are celebrating the release at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto!

Cover is $8 or Get 2 for one, cover +CD for $15!

Check out this event :https://www.facebook.com/events/916104871868366

September 22nd 2016

AM to FM Promotions Acoustic Showcase


Come down and ask us your questions this Thursday at Placebo Space in Toronto! We will be hosting a free live music event featuring artists;Dylan Briscall, Michael Gray and Wes Mason along with special guests. Enjoy drinks, awesome tunes and have a great time!

More information can be found here: EVENT

September 8th 2016 to September 11th 2016

Canadian Country Music Week: Alessia Cohle

Alessia Cohle had a busy week at the #CCMAs (Canadian Country Music awards). Alessia Cohle, country artist sang all week long in the house band for the Canadian Country Music week held in London, Ontario.


Alessia Cohle playing her 3 hit tracks on the Diamonds In The Rough Stage at the Delta Armouries on Saturday morning.

AM to FM Promotions had an amazing time meeting members of the music industry and supporting our country artists.

see more on our social media; @amtofmpromotions.

September 23rd 2016

Jade Mya will be performing at the Boots and Bourbon on Friday, September 23rd at 10pm !

September 8th-11th 2016

AM to FM Promotions invites you to come say hello during this year’s CCMA’s held in London, Ontario! CMW_LondonWe will be attending the CCMA’s this year with special guest, Alessia Cohle. Spot us sporting our AM to FM tees, we would love the chance to meet you and say hello!

September 4th

See Laura Sauvage play live/ Visionner Laura Sauvage en direct!


Other tour dates available!

Sunday, September 4th  catch Laura Sauvage play at  ROUYN-NORANDA FME – Agora of the Arts!   TICKETS 

Dimanche le 4  Septembre  voir Laura Sauvage en direct au  ROUYN-NORANDA FME – Agora des Arts! 


August 25th 2016

Lemon Cash will be performing live! watch them perform live during the pre-game at TD place, when the Ottawa Redblacks will be hosting the BC Lions.


August 4th 2016

AM to FM Promotions invites you to come say hi and come on down  for Manitoulin’s Country Fest (August 4th to August 7th 2016).  Alessia Cohle will be perfoming alongside Jessica Mitchell, Black Jack Billy, The Road Hammers and Brett Kissel! We hope to see you THERE!

AM to FM backstage at the Country Fest in Manitoulin
AM to FM backstage at the Country Fest in Manitoulin

July 27th 2016

Jade Mya Album Launch Showcase| Jade Mya en Direct pour le lancement de son album!

CD Jade

Media are invited to attend the Jade Mya album launch showcase on Monday, August 15 at 120 Diner (120 Church Street) in Toronto.


Vous êtes invités au Jade Mya Showcase pour le lancement de son nouveau album! Lundi, 15 Aout à  120 diner (120 Church Street) Toronto.

To|Pour RSVP contact: [email protected]

July 11th 2016

Goodnight,Sunrise Live | Goodnight, Sunrise en Direct

Satuday 07/16 from 9pm to 11:30pm! Toronto, ON – Horseshoe Tavern

GNSR high res

 June 19th 2016

FIELD MMVA pre-party

AM to FM Promotions artists attended the  FIELD MMVA pre-party on Sunday afternoon to celebrate the 10 nominations at the 2016 MMVA awards. The venue featured a lie DJ, models promoting the upcoming film, Tarzan and goodies for the  music
industry’s most eclectic and celebrated people.
mmvas 2016In photo: Lala Dawn, Nina Browwn with the models for the upcoming film, Tarzan.

2016-06-19 04.45.05In photo: Wes Mason with Andrea Morris (CEO of AM TO FM Promotions.

2016-06-19 05.05.27In photo: In Saigon band with Andrea Morris.

shonaIn photo: Shonna Brown.

2016-06-19 06.28.58In photo: Goodnight Sunrise with show host Best Fan.

2016-06-19 07.12.48In photo: Jake Gold with Andrea Morris.

June 5th 2016

Check out Jade Mya on  tour in Canada.


Event: Woodstock Ribfest

Date: Friday June 24th

Time: 6:30 – 8:00 pm

Event: St. Thomas Ribfest

Date: Sunday Jul 10th Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Event: Ajax Ribfest

Date: Saturday Aug 5th Time: 9:30 – 11:00 pm

Event: Orillia Ribfest

Date: Saturday August 27th Time: 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

jade mya mod show-2