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AM to FM Promotions is a music promotion company based in Toronto servicing commercial & campus radio in Canada. We’re capable of hearing a song, breaking down its musical appeal to understand which radio stations are most likely to put it into rotation. We are about music!


October 2022 | Octobre 2022


AM TO FM LIVE started back in 2019 with the mission to amplify indie voices. With social media, radio promotion and shows, we wanted to add another element for our clients to get more content and reach more audiences digitally. During the pandemic playing live shows in person just was not a thing so this YouTube channel gave us an amazing outlet to showcase emerging talent.

Thanks to our partners and Andrea Morris, we continue to post new videos during the year featuring a variety of artists of all backgrounds. Watch episodes of AM TO FM LIVE : AM to FM LIVE – YouTube


August 2022 | Aout 2022

mindflip trending track exquisite

Having carved out a lane for himself with his modern take on 90’s/2000’s style Hip-Hop over the last 3.5 years, Mindflip has recently been named a Runner-Up in the CBC Music 2022 Toyota Searchlight competition and continues to prove that he has what it takes to become one of Quebec and Canada’s next Hip-Hop exports.

Featured on HOT 93.7, HOT 89.9, HOT 99.1, HOT90.3, HOT 105.5 & much more!

The Trending Track – Mindflip | HOT 93.7 (

The Trending Track – Mindflip | HOT 99.1 (

Mindflip | THE NEW HOT 89.9 (

The Trending Track – Mindflip | 90.3 AMP Radio (

The Trending Track – Mindflip | HOT 105.5 FM – PEI’s #1 Hit Music Station (

FREE WEBINAR: May 26th 2:00 PM EST

May 2022 | Mai 2022

webinar free andrea morris canadian musician

Free webinar hosted by Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Michael Raine and AM to FM Promotions Andrea Morris.  Join this webinar to explore insights and lessons on the music business and how independent songs get played on the radio. There will be time to ask your own questions too!

Register now: Radio Airplay Webinar (


Andrea Morris on Canadian Musician Podcast Hosted By Mike Raine

April 2022 | Avril 2022

canadian musician podcast

AM To FM Promotions founder, Andrea Morris on her 30 years in the radio business: how she does her job and how songs get picked up at radio. Listen to this special episode on streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Canadian Musician Podcast website and more!

Ryan Connolly – Coast 2 Coast Closeup at CJVR FM

January 28th 2022 | Le 28 janvier 2022

Doors ryan connolly

This nation is filled with great music. The Coast 2 Coast Closeup brought to you by Cal Graton, radio host at Todays Best Country CJVR FM, features interciews and music from some of the best independent and emerging artists in country.

2021 AM to FM Promotions Musical Advent Calendar

December 1st2021 | Le 1 décembre 2021

musical advent calendar
Tis the season for the musical advent calendar 2021

Every day leading up to the 25th of Dec, we share a song performed by an artist. Count down the days to Christmas with performances by independent artists from across Canada!
Follow the AM to FM Promotions Music Advent Calendar on socials: @amtofmpromotions (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)
Search these hashtags on social media to hear the song of the day!

Si les enfants ont droit à leur calendrier l’avent, vous aussi!

Cette année,  AM TO FM PROMOTIONS présente un Calendrier De L’avent Musique des Fêtes ! Chaque jour durant le mois de décembre (jusqu’à noël) nous partagerons une chanson que vous pourrez ajouter à votre playlist.

Suivez-nous sur Facebook, Twitter et Instagram pour écouter la chanson du jour @amtofmpromotions

Learn more about our services by contacting us.

Neomi Live Performance On The Radio

September 8th 2021 | Le 8 septembre 2021
Montreal, QC –  Young artist Neomi performed her debut single “I Hope You Know” live on air at CKVL FM! AM to FM Promotions wants to get your music heard, especially at radio. There are many opportunities for independent and signed artists to get more airplay and build their audience. Radio interviews and performances are one piece of the puzzle.  Learn more about our services by contacting us. And don’t forget to check out Neomi; and CKVL FM;


April 22nd 2021 | Le 22 avril 2021

Did you know that we offer opportunities for artists to participate in a live recorded youtube concert series? AM TO FM LIVE is a project that AM to FM Promotions created in collaboration with Kensington Sound Studios, Two Thousand Studios and beverage sponsors, Niagara Falls Craft Distillers and Great Lakes Brewery in order to bring people and music together. Over the last year it has been a challenge to produce these events, but we have persisted and managed to launch episodes with M.T Walker, Jonas Tomalty and My My Sugar. We hope to continue bringing new episodes to the YouTube channel and that people enjoy discovering and watching new artists! Working with AM to FM Promotions, there is more to love as we find different ways to promote artists and their music.

Support our project by sharing, commenting and liking our videos. Check out AM TO FM LIVE Youtube Channel for more :

AM to FM Promotions Digital Music Advent Calendar 2020 | Calendrier de L’Avent Digital !

December 1st 2020 | Le 1 decembre 2020

advent calendar

December 1st 2020 is just around the corner…meaning it’s almost time to open the first door of the AM to FM Promotions Music Advent Calendar! Every day leading up to Christmas Day, we’ll be revealing a song that you can listen to and even add to your holiday playlist. Count down the days to Christmas with performances by independent artists from across Canada!
Follow the AM to FM Promotions Music Advent Calendar on socials: @amtofmpromotions (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)
Search these hashtags on social media to hear the song of the day!

Si les enfants ont droit à leur calendrier l’avent, vous aussi!

Cette année,  AM TO FM PROMOTIONS présente un Calendrier De L’avent Musique des Fêtes ! Chaque jour durant le mois de décembre (jusqu’à noël) nous partagerons une chanson que vous pourrez ajouter à votre playlist.

Suivez-nous sur Facebook, Twitter et Instagram pour écouter la chanson du jour @amtofmpromotions

Virtual Concert Series: AM TO FM LIVE is Back!

September 2nd 2020 | Le 2 septembre 2020


Our virtual concert series, AM TO FM LIVE, is coming back this September 2020! Stay tuned for a special performance by Canadian singer-songwriter M.T. Walker and for exclusive behind the scenes content.

Check out AM TO FM LIVE Youtube Channel for more performances:

“Form a band, write a hit song and collect your royalties… right? Far from it.” Check out Bloghoarder‘s article with Andrea Morris

May 1st 2020 | Le 1 mai 2020

andrea morris

Form a band, write a hit song and collect your royalties… right?

Far from it.

How do you get heard? Why would a radio station add your songs to their playlist? Where do you start?

Luckily there is someone answering these questions for Canada’s musicians and her name is synonymous with the music business on both sides of the boarder.

Andrea Morris is the difference between a long shot and a calculated process….

Read full article:

Andrea Morris explains radio promotion on RockItUp!

March 3rd 2020 | Le 3 mars 2020

If you want to get airplay and connect with audiences, radio promotion is a great way to grow your career in music! Andrea Morris explains radio tracking on RockItUp!

Watch the full interview:

Sara Diamond Official Music Video “Baby”

November 21st 2019 | Le 21 Novembre 2019


September 26th 2019 | Le 26 Septembre 2019

am to fm live concert series toronto kensington studios music promotion

Toronto, ON – Raff Pylon performs his radio single “Can’t Let You Go” LIVE for our concert series AM TO FM LIVE!

Check out the video on our channel:

Stay tuned for more upcoming epsiodes featuring The MacQueens, Cinemon,Terouz, and Tamara Maddalen!

The Argues Perform at the Manitoulin Country Fest

August 15th 2019 | Le 15 Aout 2019

the argues the argues country band

Manitoulin –  The Argues, a family country band from Barrie, Ontario performed during Manitoulin Country Fest this year for their dedicated volunteers!

Niagara Falls Craft Distillers were also a part of the scene serving tasty beverages to festival goers.

AM to FM Promotions Partners with Kensington Sound Studios & Niagara Falls Craft Distillers for a new live concert series:  AM TO FM LIVE

July 24th 2019 | Le 24 Juillet 2019

am to fm live concert series toronto kensington studios music promotion

Toronto, ON –  AM TO FM LIVE is a new live concert series on Youtube. AM to FM Promotions, Kensington Sound Studios and Niagara Falls Craft Distillers have partnered to create this new  project to bring music industry people & indie talent together.

“Our ultimate goal is for AM TO FM LIVE to become THE major digital source for interviews, networking and performances with today’s most up-and-coming names in the Canadian music scene.“– Andrea Morris

You can catch new episodes of AM TO FM LIVE on Youtube.         Episodes premiere on the last thursday of every month.

AM TO FM LIVE Channel:

Follow the movement and share the experience #AM2FMLIVE

AM to FM Promotions Canadian Music Week Showcase with Kensington Sound & Niagara Falls Craft Distillers

May 9th 2019 | Le 9 Mai 2019

kensington sound cmw showcase

TORONTO – We’re happy to announce that we will be hosting a Canadian Music Week showcase with Niagara Falls Craft Distillers & Kensington Sound this year!  We have worked with the amazing teams at Kensington Sound and Niagara Falls Craft Distillers to bring to Canadian Music Week a brand new intimate live music experience. Don’t miss this special event on May 10th at 8pm.

For more details and artist lineup  please visit

Sara Diamond  Visits 103,1 CKVL FM Radio In Montreal

April 17 2019 | Le 17 avril 2019

CKVL 1031 montreal sara diamond radio radio visit entrevue interview sara diamond

Sara Diamond has a brand new single titled “RIDE” that is out to radio! We need to thank the amazing team at CKVL 103,1 radio in Montreal, Quebec (Lasalle) for supporting local talent.  They always support new and up-coming artists. The Montreal native, visited the radio station for a live performance and interview!

Radio tours/radio visits are essential for artists to meet radio staff, music directors and music programmers. These moments are the first steps to building a business  relationship with industry people. And in return, those moments help promote their music and talent.

Ana Stasia Visits Radio & TV Stations In Montreal

March 11  2019  | Le 11 mars 2019

ana stasia virgin radio montreal radio promotion

Virgin Radio, Montreal Quebec

ana stasia breakfast television publicity montreal

Breakfast Television, Montreal Quebec


February 28  2019  | Le 28 Février 2019

nate daviau the launch season 2 nate daviau empty glass single

Did you miss Nate Daviau’s performance of Bryan Adam’s song titled ‘Don’t Say You Love Me’ ?
Watch it here:
Nate Daviau’s new radio single ‘Empty Glass’ was performed on The Launch! His audience, Bryan Adams, Marie-Mai and Scott Borchetta.
What they said about Nate Daviau’s song:

 “That’s a great, great song – I wanna sing that song!”-  Marie Mai

“You’ve been through a journey and it’s bold to be able to tell the truth. More power to you, man.” – Bryan Adams

Watch Nate Daviau’s performance of ‘Empty Glass’ here:

Andrea Morris On Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive! The Podcast

February 20  2019  | Le 20 Février 2019

Andrea Morris speaks on the  Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive! Podcast about being on the radio, setting career goals, valuable industry advice and how to team up with the right people to grow your career.  If you want to learn more about the music biz, radio, and publicity this podcast is for you. Have any questions? Contact us via phone or e-mail!


Nina Browwn Goes On A Radio Tour In Québec

February 14  2019  | Le 14 Février 2019

Nina Browwn Radio Acton Radio Tour nina browwn radio acton 1037 fm radio tour quebec nina browwn promotion

nina browwn radio promotion tour

CIUT FM Shares A Spotlight Of AM to FM Promotions’ Artists on Rainbow Country Radio Show

January 22  2019  | Le 22 Janvier  2019

ciut fm rainbow country locklyn doug folkins ana stasia

CIUT 89.5 FM Presents: Locklyn Lock, Doug Folkins, Anastasia “Ana Stasia” Dextrene on #RainbowCountry. 

On Tuesday, January 22 from 11:00pm to 1am, show host Mark Tara will present new music from Locklyn, Ana Stasia Dextrene and Doug Folkins! You can stream the episode live here: 

CIUT 89.5 FM diffuse les chansons de les artistes de AM TO FM Promotions à l’émission Rainbow Country Radio

CIUT 89.5 FM présente: Locklyn, Doug Folkins et Ana stasia sur #RainbowCountry.

Le mardi 22 janvier, de 23h00 à 1h00, l’animateur  Mark Tara, présentera la nouvelle musique de Locklyn, Ana Stasia Dextrene et Doug Folkins! Vous pouvez regarder l’épisode en direct ici:

Nate Daviau Announces His Participation On Season 2 of CTV’s The Launch

January 14th  2019  | Le 14 Janvier  2019

the launch season 2 ctv nate daviau radio promotion

Nate Daviau announced earlier this year that he will be part of CTV’s season 2 of The Launch! We are beyond excited to have a AM to FM Promotions’ artist on the popular Canadian show. You can learn more about Nate Daviau and his journey in a interview with The Launch  on their website.

Don’t miss out on this special episode, which airs on February 27th.

Hailing from the North, inspired by the South, Toronto-born artist and songwriter Nate Daviau’s distinctive voice, meaningful turn of phrase and lyrical ease, and hook-oriented melodies make his songs catchy and memorable. Currently attending Berklee School of Music in Boston, Nate’s influences stem from his broad interest in country, pop, and folk music. His debut single “Carry This Love” can be heard on radio stations across Canada and his album, This Round’s On Me, was released in September.

Nate Daviau annonce sa participation à la deuxième saison du lancement de CTV

Nate Daviau a annoncé que cette année il ferait partie de la saison 2 de l’émission télévisée The Launch! Nous sommes  ravis d’avoir un artiste AM TO FM Promotions dans la populaire émission canadienne.

Vous pouvez en apprendre plus sur Nate Daviau et son parcours dans une entrevue accordée à The Launch sur leur site web. Ne manquez pas cet épisode spécial qui sera diffuser le 27 février.

Locklyn Shares Her New Single ‘Sides’ With Radio Stations in Kitchener

December 1st  2018  | Le 1 Decembre 2018

locklyn music radio promotion 91.5 the beat 91.5 the beat and locklyn virgin radio promotion locklyn

Thursday, November 29  –  Locklyn sang her new single titled  “Sides” for the radio staff at 91.5 The Beat and 105.3 Virgin Radio in Kitchener, Ontario. Her audience was impressed by the young songstress and her openly outgoing personality. At AM to FM Promotions, we actively seek out performance opportunities and meet n’ greets with radio staff for our talented artists!

Now you can watch Locklyn’s official music video for her new single ‘Sides’ on Youtube. Click here:

Locklyn Partage Son Nouveau Single avec Les Membres Des Stations Radio en Kitchener

Jeudi, le 29 Novembre, Locklyn a chanté son nouveau single “Sides” pour le personnel de la station 91.5 The Beat et de Virgin Radio 105.3 en Kitchener. Les auditeurs étaient impressioner par la jeune chanteuse. Chez AM to FM Promotions, nous recherchons activement des opportunités avec radio pour nos artistes talentueux!

Regardez le clip vidéo officiel de son nouveau single ‘Sides’ ici:

Ana Stasia Performs New Single At 91.5 The Beat (Kitchener)

November 13th  2018  | Le 13 Novembre 2018

91.5 The Beat Ana Stasia Dextrene Ana Stasia Dextrene Radio tour Ana Stasia Dextrene Pistage Radio

Montreal based artist, Ana Stasia showed off her talents at 91.5 The Beat in Kitchener. Ana Stasia performed her new single “Shade” for radio staff.  Thank you to the staff at The Beat 91.5. Supporting Canadian music is important and it’s because of radio stations like these that we get to promote such talented artists!

Watch the Official Music Video for “Shade”, click here.

Ana Stasia interprète son nouveau single à 91,5 The Beat (Kitchener)

L’artiste montréalaise, Ana Stasia Dextrene a dévoilé ses talents au 91.5 The Beat à Kitchener. Ana Stasia a joué son nouveau single “Shade” pour le personnel de la station. Merci au personnel de The Beat 91.5. Il est important de soutenir la musique canadienne et c’est grâce à votre station et plusieurs autres que nous pouvons promouvoir nos artistes talentueux!

Regardez le clip vidéo officiel de “Shade”, cliquez ici.

Nina Browwn Performs New Single On Air

November 13th  2018  | Le 13 Novembre 2018

Choq fm 1051 Nina Browwn Nina Browwn Guillaume Lorin Entretien Nina Browwn avec CHOQ FM

Nina Browwn performs her new single “Where Did You Come From” on air with Toronto’s francophone radio station, CHOQ 105,1 FM!

Listen to her full interview and performance online:

Découvrez la voix incroyable de Nina Browwn – en onde avec CHOQ FM

Nina Browwn chante sa nouvel single,  “Where Did You Come From” sur les ondes de 105,1 CHOQ  FM, la radio francophone de Toronto!

Découvrez la voix de Nina Browwn et l’entretien complet en ligne:

Ana Stasia Makes the 61st Annual GRAMMY Ballot

October 30th 2018  | Le 30 Octobre 2018

Ana Stasia Music

It’s official – Ana Stasia is now on the ballot in four of the major 61st Annual GRAMMY Award categories, with “Best Life – EP” competing for Best R&B Album, and the album single, “Shade”, competing for Best R&B Performance, Best R&B Song and Record of the Year.

To watch the Official Music Video for “Shade”, click here.

Ana Stasia participe au 61e bulletin annuel de GRAMMY

C’est officiel – Ana Stasia est maintenant sur le bulletin de vote dans quatre des 61 principales catégories du GRAMY Award annuel, avec “Best Life – EP” en compétition pour le meilleur album R & B, et la chanson “Shade” en compétition pour la meilleure performance R&B, Best Chanson R & B et disque de l’année.

Visionner le clip officiel pour sa chanson “Shade”, ici.

Julia Tynes Performs in Kitchener

September 20th 2018  | Le 20 Sept 2018

Julia Tynes performs at 91.5 The Beat julia tynes music radio tour am to fm promotions and julia tynes at the beat sarah christie virgin radio and Julia Tynes Julia Tynes and Scot Turner Virgin Radio

Julia Tynes performs at Virgin Radio

Julia Tynes released her new single ‘Stand Still’ to CHR radio! We couldn’t keep this awesome song to ourselves so we kicked off a radio tour in Kitchener for the day.

Julia Tynes performed her radio single ‘Stand Still’ and ‘The Girl In Ever Song’, from her upcoming album. Thank you to the staff at The Beat 91.5 in Kitchener. And thank you to everyone at Virgin Radio 105.3 in Kitchener. Supporting Canadian music is important to us and it’s because of these radio stations and many more , that we get to promote such talented artists!

Julia Tynes se produit à Kitchener

Julia Tynes a sorti son nouveau single ‘Stand Still’ à la radio CHR! Nous ne pouvions pas garder cette chanson géniale pour nous, alors nous avons lancé une tournée radio à Kitchener pour la journée.

Julia Tynes a réalisé son single radio ‘Stand Still’ et ‘The Girl In Ever Song’, les deux extraits est sur le prochain album. Merci au personnel du Beat 91.5 à Kitchener. Et merci à tous à Virgin Radio 105.3 à Kitchener. Soutenir la musique canadienne est important pour nous et c’est grâce à ces gens et à beaucoup d’autres que nous pouvons promouvoir des artistes aussi talentueux!

CCMA’s Country Music Week 2018

September 10th 2018  | Le 10 Sept 2018

Oscar and andrea morris ccma 2018 Hamilton ccma songwriters series country 107.3 fm with the argues ccma ccma 2018 the argues and washboard union ccma alessia cohle diamonds in the rough ccma 2018 hamilton hamilton ccma 91.3 fm the reklaws ccma 2018 the argues country 103 corey barnes the argues ccma 2018 ccma 2018 the argues andrea morris ccma 2018 the argues real country jojo mason the argues ccma

AM to FM Promotions’ attended the CCMA AWARDS this year in Hamilton – and we had a blast! We are one of the few radio tracking companies who promote all genres of music including canadian country music and who attend the CCMA’s. This year we had amazing artists like Alessia Cohle, The Argues, Five Roses, and Jade Mya showcasing their talents.

We can’t wait until next year where the CCMA‘s will be hosted in Calgary, Alberta!

CCMA’s La Semaine de la Musique Canadienne Country 2018

AM to FM Promotions a été au CCMA Awards cette année en Hamilton – et nous avons eu une bonne semaine! Nous sommes une des seule entreprise de pistage radio qui va à cette évènement spéciale.  Cette année, nous avons eu les artistes Alessia Cohle, The Argues, Five Roses, et Jade Mya qui ont présenter leur talents.

Nous sommes hâte pour l’année prochaine où les CCMA seront organisées à Calgary, en Alberta!

Andrea Morris Mentors Singer-Songwriters At Honey Jam’s ‘Mentor & Talk Cafe’

August 28th 2018  | Le 28 Aout 2018

Honey Jam mentoring Andrea Morris Artspace Toronto

Andrea Morris Honey Jam Mentoring pistage radioFor radio tracker and business owner Andrea Morris, it is important to share insights to the new wave of professionals in the music industry.

Honey Jam has been a great organization for artists to learn more about opportunities and develop their careers. Whether you are looking to push your single or new album, or getting your brand off the ground, AM to FM Promotions’ and many other groups are there to give you the advice you need. We want you to succeed in this business.

You can read more about the Canadian music industry in this detailed article: A Beginners Guide to Building A Fantastic Music Promotion Plan: our story, your team, budgeting and Canadian vs. American radio. 

Andrea Morris Fait Du Mentorat Pour les artistes au Cafe de Honey Jam

Pour la radio tracker et propriétaire de l’entreprise Andrea Morris, il est important de partager les informations ave la nouvelle génération de proféssionnels de l’industrie de la musique.

Honey Jam a été une excellente organization pour que les artistes puissent en apprendre davantage sur les opportunités et développer leur carrière. Si vous cherchiez à promouvoir votre album ou une chanson, AM to FM Promotions et de nombreux autres groupes sont là pour vous donner les conseils dont vous avez besoin. Nous voulons que vous réussissiez dans cette industrie.

Vous pouvez en apprendre davantage sur l’industrie de la musique Canadienne dans cet article détaillé (en anglais): A Beginners Guide to Building A Fantastic Music Promotion Plan: our story, your team, budgeting and Canadian vs. American radio. 

X.ARI Visits Radio Stations in the GTA

August 15th 2018  | Le 15 Aout 2018

Virgin Radio 105.3fm X.ARI

Virgin Radio Toronto X.ARI Dames Nellas 91.5 The Beat X.ARI

X.ARI visits CHR radio stations in the GTA to promote her new single “Stay V Go”. Thank you to Virgin Radio 105.3FM, Virgin Radio Toronto, and 91.5 The Beat for having our artist perform at the station.

X.ARI visite les stations de radio autour de Toronto

X.ARI visite les stations de radios CHR dans la région du Grand Toronto pour promouvoir son nouveau single “Stay V Go”. Merci à Virgin Radio 105.3FM, Virgin Radio Toronto et 91.5 The Beat d’avoir invité notre artiste à jouer à la station.

AM to FM Promotions’ Beverage Sponsor At  Manitoulin Country Fest!

August 14th 2018  | Le 14 Aout 2018

Niagara Falls Craft Distillers

Manitoulin Country Fest 2018 stage view

Niagara Falls Craft Distillers took part in the festivities at Mnaitoulin Country Fest this year, providing special beverages to VIP guests.  Their Barelling Annie Gold Rush was a big hit! It is a lightly carbonated rye & ginger, with a touch of butterscotch to create a smooth finish.

Learn more about NFCD on their website:

Notre Partenaire de Boissons Au Manitoulin Country Fest!

Niagara Falls Craft Distillers ont pris part aux festivités du Mnaitoulin Country Fest cette année, offrant des boissons spéciales aux invités VIP. Leur Barelling Annie Gold Rush a été un grand succès! C’est un rye et gingembre légèrement carbonaté, avec une touche de caramel au beurre pour créer une finition lisse.

Voir plus sur NFCD sur leur site web:

AM to FM Promotions’ Artists, Alessia Cohle & Nate Daviau Perform at Manitoulin Country Fest!

August 10th 2018  | Le 10 Aout 2018

Manitoulin Country Fest Nate Daviau Alessia Cohle at Manitoulin Country Fest

Manitoulin Country Fest is one of the biggest highlights of the summer. This year we had the pleasure to have two AM to FM country artists play at the festival! Alessia Cohle, the voice of Country 103 FM,  played sets on Friday and Saturday. She had everyone dancing and singing along! Nate Daviau played sets on Thursday and Friday. Nate had everyone swooning over his thoughtful lyrics and melodies.

AM to FM Promotions would like to give special thanks to KT, Craig, Dwayne, Corey, and all the amazing team at CHAW Great Lakes Country for always being a huge supporter.


Les Artistes de AM to FM Promotions, Alessia Cohle et Nate Daviau, se produisent au Manitoulin Country Fest!

Manitoulin Country Fest est l’un des plus grands moments de l’été. Cette année, nous avons eu le plaisir d’avoir deux artistes de AM to FM qui jouent au festival! Alessia Cohle, la voix de Country 103 FM à Manitoulin, a joué vendredi et samedi. Elle a fait danser et chanter tout le monde! Nate Daviau a joué jeudi et vendredi. Nate a captivé tout le monde avec ses paroles et mélodies réfléchies.

AM to FM Promotions aimerait remercier KT, Craig, Dwayne, Corey et toute l’équipe formidable de CHAW Great Lakes Country pour leur soutien constant.

Canadian singer, Justine heads out to Québec on a commercial radio tour (CHR Radio) to promote her new single “DOORS”

July 18th 2018  | Le 18 Juillet 2018

justine chho fm pistage radio tracking toronto jutine avec nicolas gagnon pistage radio

This July has been a busy one with radio tours across the country. This week, Montréal artist Justine is visiting CHR radio in Québec with AM to FM Promotions! Thursday,  Justine stopped at 103,1 FM in Louiseville, QC & 94.9 FM in Escoumins,QC !

Check out Justine`s new singleDoors”


La Chanteuse Canadienne Justine visite la province de Québec sur une tournée radio commerciale (la musique pop) pour promouvoir son nouvel single “DOORS”

Ce mois de juillet a été occupé avec des tournées radios à travers le Canada. Cette semaine, Justine, de Montréal, est en tournée à la radio commerciale (POP) au Québec avec AM to FM Promotions! Obtenez plus de détails et de contenu sur nos visites radiophoniques sur nos réseaux sociaux @amtofmpromotions. Nous sommes sur Twitter, Facebook et Instagram!

Découvrez le nouveau single de JustineDOORS

Singer-songwriter, Nate Daviau heads out to Alberta on a commercial radio tour (Country Radio) to promote his new single “Miss Him Too”

July 16th 2018  | Le 16 Juillet 2018

Country radio tour nate daviau logo

alberta interview nate daviau

With over 14 years of experience in commercial radio airplay in Canada, we achieve results. AM to FM Promotions services all formats including country, rock, pop and independent music.

This July has been a busy one with radio tours across the country. This week Toronto native Nate Daviau is visiting commercial radio (country) in  Alberta with AM to FM Promotions! Get more insider details and content from  our radio tours on social media @amtofmpromotions. We are on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

Check out Nate Daviau‘s new single “Miss Him Too”


Chanteur-compositeur Nate Daviau visite la province de Alberta sur une tournée radio commerciale (la musique country) pour promouvoir son nouvel single “Miss Him Too”

Avec plus de 14 ans d’expérience dans le domaine de la radio commerciale au Canada, nous obtenons des résultats. AM to FM Promotions offre tous les formats, y compris country, rock, pop et musique indépendante.

Ce mois de juillet a été occupé avec des tournées radios à travers le Canada. Cette semaine, Nate Daviau, de Toronto, est en tournée à la radio commerciale (country) en Alberta avec AM to FM Promotions! Obtenez plus de détails et de contenu sur nos visites radiophoniques sur nos réseaux sociaux @amtofmpromotions. Nous sommes sur Twitter, Facebook et Instagram!

Découvrez le nouveau single de Nate Daviau “Miss Him Too”

Radio interview with Sabrina & Lauren from The Argues (CHAW Country FM) | Entrevue avec Sabrina et Lauren du groupe, The Argues (CHAW Country FM)

July 11th 2018  | Le 11 Juillet 2018

The Argues CHAW Country the argues on manitoulin island

Radio interview with Sabrina & Lauren from The Argues (KICX FM) | Entrevue avec Sabrina et Lauren du groupe, The Argues (KICX FM)

July 10th 2018  | Le 10 Juillet 2018

kicx fm 91,7 in sudbury with the argues the argues in studio kicx 917 fm the argues with kicx 106 fm the argues and andrea morris the argues sabrina the argues lauren

Day one with Lauren & Sabrina from The Argues is a success! From their family to the KICX FM family, we did a radio tour at KICX 106 in Orillia and KICX 91,7 in Sudbury!


Jour un avec Lauren et Sabrina du groupe, The Argues a été un succès! De leur famille au famille de KICX FM, on a fait une tournée de radio à KICX 106 en Orillia et KICX 91,7 en Sudbury!

Radio interview with Santino and Nate Daviau on Rainbow Country (CIUT FM) hosted by Mark Tara| Entrevue avec Santino et Nate Daviau sur Rainbow Country (CIUT FM) en Toronto réaliser par Mark Tara.

July 3rd 2018  | Le 3 Juillet 2018

interview ciutfm rainbow country rainbow country interview ciutfm nate daviau rainbowcountry ciutfm natedaviau santino

Tuesday, July 3rd we had the pleasure of being on the Rainbow Country radio show at CIUT FM. Two of our artists; Nate Daviau and Santino were live on air with host, Mark Tara.  This summer there is much more radio exclusives, tours and interviews to come! Stay up-to-date with all of our artists by checking out their artist pages.

Mardi le 3 juillet, nous avons eu le plaisir de participer à l’émission de radio Rainbow Country au CIUT FM. Deux de nos artistes Nate Daviau et Santino étaient en direct avec Mark Tara. Cet été, il y a beaucoup plus d’exclusivités à la radio, de tournées et d’entrevues à venir! Restez à jour avec tous nos artistes en consultant leurs pages d’artistes.

Jade Mya  goes on tour in Québec and Ontario | Jade Mya en Tournée au Québec et Ontario

June 26th 2018  | Le 26 Juin 2018

BT Montreal Jade Mya

country 1051 jade mya

Nate Daviau goes on tour in the East Coast  | Nate Daviau en Tournée au Côte Est

June 5th 2018  | Le 5 Juin 2018

Hot Country 1035 country radio promotion

Radio interview Cat Country Radio Nate Daviau Nate Daviau Radio Tour Moncton New Country Nate Daviau

Country Music Nate KHJ

Nate Daviau goes on a radio tour in the East Coast. Visiting Nova Scotia and New Brunswick! | Nate Daviau fait une tournée radio au Côte Est. En visite en Nouvelle-Écosse et au Nouveau-Brunswick!

AM to FM Promotions at CMW 2018  | AM to FM Promotions à la semaine de la musique Canadienne 2018

May 13th 2018  | Le 13 Mai 2018

Showcase CMW
Tom Jackson Panel
Nate Daviau (AM to FM artist) performing during Last Call Party
AM to FM Promotions, Niagara Falls Craft Distillers and Kensington Sound`s CMW Last Call Party
AM to FM Promotions artist Wes Mason with AM to FM`s Andrea and Jessica
Lindsay (Niagara Falls Craft Distillers) and Andrea Morris (AM to FM Promotions)
Five Roses with AM to FM Promotions
AM to FM Promotions artist Justine during CMW
AM to FM Promotions artist Nate Daviau at the Last Call Party 2018

Meet our partners and artists | Connectez avec nos partenaires et artistes!

Niagara Falls Craft Distillers

Kensington Sound Studio

Wes Mason

Five Roses

Nate Daviau 


May 10th 2018 | Le 10 Mai 2018

Young pop artist Justine tours Québec, visiting radio promoting her single DOORS  |  La jeune chanteuse Justine de Montréal, Québec fait la promotion de sa chanson DOORS au stations au Québec.

April 30th 2018  | Le 30 Avril 2018

Nate Daviau works on new project to be released in June with Sirius XM Country Cohle  | Nate Daviau travaille sur un nouveau projet qui sortira en Juin avec Sirius XM Country

Here are some of photos behind the scenes.

April 19th 2018  | Le 19 Avril 2018

Alessia Cohle Visits Country Radio | Rendez-vous sur CoolFM, Country 105.1 et KX96FM.

Alessia Cohle, Paul Fergusson (Cool 100,1FM)

Mel Hannah, Alessia Cohle ( Country 105,1FM)

Pete Walker, Alessia Cohle (KX96FM)

April 10th 2018  | Le 10 Avril 2018

Charting this Week | Sur le palmarès cette semaine

Anita Zvonar

JENN CONNORLike I Did #17 Week of April 9th 2018 on 103,1 (CFMF) FM in Fermont, Quebec.

JENN CONNOR  “Like I Did” #17  la semaine du 9 Avril 2018 sur les ondes de 103,1 FM (CFMF)  à Fermont, Québec.

Sofia Blu – Work It Out #14 Week of April 9th 2018 on 103,1 (CIAU) FM in Radisson, Quebec.

Sofia Blu  “Work It Out” #14  la semaine du 9 Avril 2018 sur les ondes de 103,1 FM (CIAU)  à Radisson, Québec.

April 6th 2018  | Le 6 Avril 2018

Nate Daviau on Radio Tour | Sur la route avec Nate Daviau

ONTARIO – We are on radio tour with country artist Nate Daviau! This week we stopped by 3 radio stations outside of Toronto. Nate performed his radio single “Carry This Love” and shared some personal stories as well.

More about Nate Daviau:


ONTARIO – Nous sommes sur la route avec artiste country, Nate Daviau ! Cette semaine, nous avons visiter 3 differents stations hors de la ville de Toronto. Nate a joué son nouvel single ” Carry This Love” et a partager des histoires personelles.

Plus sur Nate Daviau:

March 29th 2018  | Le 29 Mars 2018

Julia Tynes Goes to Montréal, In Studio Interview with CKVL FM | Julia Tynes Va à Montréal, Entrevue en Studio Avec CKVL FM

March 20th 2018  | Le 20 Mars 2018

Alessia Cohle Goes on Radio Tour with AM to FM Promotions| Alessia Cohle debut son tournée avec AM to FM Promotions

March 18th 2018  | Le 18 Mars 2018

Jenn Connor hits The Top 25 Anglo Charts on 103,1FM in Fermont,QC


Jenn Connor prend le numéro 23e place dans le palmarès Top 25 Anglo chez 103,1FM

March 13th 2018 | Le 13 Mars 2018

Sofia Blu Sings For Radio Programmers in Studio | Sofia Blu chante pour les animateurs/animatrices en studio

Kitchener, ON –  Young singer-songwriter Sofia Blu, originally from Collingwood, Ontario,  surprised music programmers and staff at 91.5 The Beat with her vocals on Tuesday afternoon. Sofia Blu has released 2 tracks to radio and now she is ready to release her latest hit single, “Work It Out”.  The 14 year old is hard at work promoting her music with AM to FM Promotions.


Kitchener, ON –  La jeune chanteuse Sofia Blu, qui est originaire de Collingwood, Ontario. a surpris les membres de 91.5 The Beat en Kitchener Ontario avec sa voix douce. Sofia Blu a sorti 2 chansons  pour la radio Canadien et maintenant elle est prèt a sortir son hit single,” Work It Out”.  À seulement 14 ans, la détermination et l’éthique de travail de Sofia Blu est évidentes. nous sommes incroyablement hâtes de travailler avec une jeune femme aussi talentueuse.

February 21st 2018 | Le 21 Février 2018

 A tour of Niagara Falls Craft Distilley|  Un tour de Niagara Falls Craft Distillery

Niagara, ON – AM to FM Promotions took a day trip to visit our new beverage partner, Niagara Falls Craft Distillery. We can’t wait to get projects in motion that will present  opportunities for our artists to perform showcases and have a taste of NFCD! We are thrilled to be working with such a wonderful team. All Canadian, All independent!

If you are in the Niagara region, pay a visit to their distillery and restaurant on Lundeys Lane.


Niagara, ON – AM to FM Promotions a fait une sortie pour visiter notre nouveau partenaire de alcool, Niagara Falls Craft Distillery. Nous sommes ravis de voir nos projets en mouvement qui offriront à nos artistes des occasions de réaliser leurs chansons et de goûter au produits NFCD! Nous sommes ravis de travailler avec une équipe  formidable. Tous canadiens, tous indépendants!

Si vous êtes dans la région de Niagara, visitez leur distillerie et resto sur la rue Lundeys.

February 15th 2018 | Le 15 Février 2018

AM to FM Promotions Announces Partnership with Niagara Falls Craft Distilley|  AM to FM Promotions Announce un partenariat avec Niagara Falls Craft Distillery

Combining great musicians, new music and local spirits.

Great music and fine spirits make for a fantastic combination – hence the new collaboration between AM to FM Promotions and Niagara Falls Craft Distillery. NFCD (Niagara Falls Craft Distillery) is committed to making hand crafted, high quality spirits that leave
you remembering not only the taste, but also the story behind the products. They are dedicated to promoting the Niagara Falls legacy and history globally.

The pride in local heritage is reflected in the
name of their products: Barrelling Annie’s Rye Whiskey, Lundy’s Lane 1814 Small Batch London Dry Gin, Eighth Wonder Aging Single Malt Whiskey and of course Niagara Falls Distillers Craft Vodka.
Established in 2004, AM to FM Promotions has been a driving force in the independent music scene, helping indie artists to achieve radio airplay and build their careers. AM to FM worked early releases from Serena Ryder, Karl Wolf, The Fast Romantics and God Made Me Funky, just to name a few. The current artist roster is jam packed with talent covering a variety of genres of music.

AM to FM Promotions and Niagara Falls Craft Distillery are excited to bring a mix of indie music and indie spirits to the Canadian Music scene. Look for us at Canadian Music Week, the CMAO conference
and awards, Manitoulin Country Fest and the CCMA’s.

For more information, please contact Andy Murison (Niagara Falls Craft Distillery, www. ) and/or Andrea Morris (AM to FM Promotions,

Find us online




FR –

Talentueux musiciens, nouvelle musique, alcools local.

La bonne musique et alcool est un combinaison parfaite – c’est pourquoi nous annonçons la collaboration entre AM to FM Promotions et Niagara Falls Craft Distillery. NFCD (Niagara Falls Craft Distillery) sont un petit distillery indépendante qui produit de l’alcool qui incorpore l’héritage canadien.

Leur fierté est reflecté dans les titres de leurs produits:  Barrelling Annie’s Rye Whiskey, Lundy’s Lane 1814 Small Batch London Dry Gin, Eighth Wonder Aging Single Malt Whiskey et Niagara Falls Distillers Craft Vodka. Etablis en 2004, AM to FM Promotions est un compagnie innovante dans l’industrie musical. Ils soutienent les artistes indépendantes à réussir sur les ondes radio à travers le Canada. AM to FM Promotions ont egalement travaille avec les artistes canadiens; Serena Ryder, Karl Wolf, The Fast Romantics et God Made Me Funky. Les artistes qu’ils representons à jour produit tout les genres de musique.

Nous sommes fiers de apporter un melange de musique  et de alcool independantes sur la scene de lindustrie musical. Vous pouvez nous trouver pendant Canadian Music Week, le conference CMAO
, le festival de Manitoulin et CCMA’s.

Pour plus de information, svp contactez Andy Murison (Niagara Falls Craft Distillery, www. ) ou Andrea Morris (AM to FM Promotions,

February 1st 2018 | Le 1 Fevrier 2018

 Interview with The Discarded | Entretien avec The Discarded

Source –

Another year, another album. Like clockwork, the Discarded are set to release their follow up to their 2017 debut with the garage rock gold ManifestoA straight from the floor mix of Ramones style punk and garage rock, the Orangeville, Ontario band have no plans to slow down anytime soon. With the album release show around the corner, high profile shows opening for Lowest Of The Low and Rusty, the wheels are in motion for work on the next project.


Une autre année, un autre album. The Discarded sont prêts à sortir un nouvel album intitulé Manifesto. Le son de l’album est un mélange de punk-rock qui incluent le style de rock des Ramones. Le groupe d’Orangeville, en Ontario, n’a pas l’intention de ralentir de sitôt. Avec le lancement de l’album au coin de la rue, des spectacles pour Lowest Of The Low et Rusty, les roues sont en mouvement pour le prochain projet.

Read More:

January 26th 2018 | Le 26 Janvier 2018

 Akashic Rekords Showcase | Spectacle Akashic Rekords

Toronto, ON – Our friends at Akashic Rekords through a hell of a party on Thursday night at the Supermarket in Kesington Market.

The show highlited emerging artists ranging from singer-songwriter, indie and pop. There will be more music to be heard and more artists to discover this year. Get the inside scoop by following us on social media.


Toronto ,ON – Nos amis chez Akashic Rekords ont fait un super spectacle ce jeudi soir au supermarket, situé au Kesington Market.

Le spectacle a compris des performances faites par les artistes emmergentes. Il y aura plus de musique à écouter et plus de artistes à decouvrir cette annee. Restez à jour avec toutes les nouvelles sur nos resseaux sociaux.

Facebook @amtofmpromotions

Instagram @amtofmpromotions

Twitter @amtofmpromotion

January 23rd 2018 | Le 23 Janvier 2018

X.ARI – NAMED TOP 5 SONGS TO LISTEN TO THIS WEEK BY 102.1 The EDGE | X.ARI – Nommé un des top 5 chansons a écouté cette semaine par 102.1 The Edge


January 18th 2018| Le 18 Janvier 2018

103.1FM Palmarès Anglo, Sofia Blu et Wes Mason | Sofia Blu and Wes Mason, 103,1FM’s English Countdown

Pour la semaine du 11 Janvier 2018, deux de nos artistes sont trouvés sur le palmarès Anglo chez 103.1 FM. Wes Mason, numéro #4, et Sofia Blu numéro #5.


For the week of the 11th of January, two of our artist were on 103,1FM’s english countdown. Wes Mason, ranked number #4 and Sofia Blu ranked number #5!

January 8th 2018| Le 8 Janvier 2018


Article by:

Cooper Brown never wanted to be a solo artist. From taking drum lessons in high school to watching friends practice chords and repeating it on a borrowed guitar, he knew that music was his career path – but with the help of some friends.

Brown studied music and songwriting at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee before moving back to his hometown of Jackson in 2014. Although he was playing shows on his own, through networking he met Phoebe Scott, Will Kwasigroh, Matt Hammonds, and Joseph Kyle.

Scott remembers playing at a dive bar in Jackson. She was 15 years old at the time, so when Brown flagged her down after her set and asked her to join his band, she had to get her parent’s permission. With a yes from mom and a cautious dad who attended the first few practice sessions, Scott was just one of the puzzle pieces that made Coopertheband.

“After a few practices and time spent getting to know each other, we quickly became more than a band,” Brown said. “We became very close friends and family, each of us believing in the band as a viable career option and what it could become.”

The name Coopertheband stuck for a few reasons. Besides wanting to steer clear of a full-on solo career, Brown said the single word represents the closeness they are to one another. Despite joking about the band name, Scott agrees that the name represents all of them.

“The rest of band likes the say that Cooper is just a narcissist so we’re just “theband”, but really Cooper is just a seasoned professional and the actual backbone of the band. He earned his spot at the front of the name, and the front of the band,” she said.

The band’s latest release, Kingdoms, began as a concept album based on the life of David from the Bible, which is a follow up to their last release, Kings. As they were going through the writing process and comparing David’s life experiences to their own, the concept of the songs became more of an exploration of the human experience. While they all connected with David and thought his story was important, they began to write their way through their own experiences – marriage, death, relationships – and it became more about what they wanted to say versus what David had already said.

Songs like “Home” and “Collarbones” took a single day to write while songs like “Undignified” and “Abigail” bordered on months. Despite the ups and downs, their Crowdfunding campaign succeeded and gave them the opportunity to write, record, produce and release Kingdoms.

After achieving that kind of substantial progress, Coopertheband are motivated to continue together through this journey that they’ve begun and spread their word to anyone who needs it.

“One of our main goals in writing the songs was to help others find joy and hope even in the midst of pain or suffering,” Brown said. “Our hope is that you can feel some sort of joy or hope after listening to this album.  And if so, share it with your friends so hopefully they can too.”

January 2nd 2018| Le 2  Janvier 2018

Jenn Connor single release 2018 | Nouvelle musique par Jenn Connor sortira en 2018

LOS ANGELES, CA, December 26, 2017 — Toronto based pop artist Jenn Connor has made a career tapping into her emotions and turning them into sonic gold. With her latest single “Like I Did” Jenn explores the ups and downs of moving on from heartbreak, even if your partner doesn’t want to let go.

“Like I Did” celebrates the feeling of freedom after battling through a difficult relationship, and how to move on from the ex that doesn’t want to let go. Jenn’s powerful lyrics are brought to life by her emotional performance and accentuated with a catchy, uptempo danceable beat that pulsates with strength and builds a powerful, decisive chorus.

“Like I Did” was produced by multi-platinum, award-winning producer, Rob Wells and recorded in Toronto. Jenn and Shobha co-wrote the song. On January 8th, 2018 “Like I Did” will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and all major music platforms.

Jenn started her career by posting her original songs online, which caught the attention of producer Tomas Costanza (2 Chainz, Boys Like Girls). Says Tomas of his time working with Jenn, “Jenn is a breath of fresh air in a business filled with musical sludge. She doesn’t carry any of the baggage of many of today’s young singers and is truly about the music first. Working with her is an absolute pleasure. She doesn’t worry about creating a product, she only concerns herself with making music she loves.” The praise doesn’t stop there, Clifton Murray of The Tenors says about Jenn, “A great look and fresh new sound, the whole package!”

Jenn is set to release an EP in 2018, she’s looking forward to announcing the release date. Until then, Jenn continues to write and record new music.

About Jenn Connor

Jenn Connor is a pop artist from Toronto, Canada. Her journey started in the small town of Caledonia, just outside of Toronto. It was there that Jenn began posting her original songs online. Bursting with innovation, catchy lyrics, and danceable beats, her work soon caught the attention of LA-based producer Tomas Costanza (Secondhand Serenade, Boys Like Girls, 2 Chainz). Jenn collaborated with Tomas on more songs, including Jenn’s Reverb Nation Top 40 hit “Girlfriend”, which she co-wrote with fellow artist Ashley Levy. Currently, Jenn is releasing her single “Like I Did” from her upcoming EP on January 8th. Follow Jenn on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@jennconnormusic) for updates on release dates.

Official Website:

December 14th 2017| Le 14 Décembre 2017

Charting AM to FM Artists – Wes Mason & Sofia Blu | Sur le Décompte Anglo, Deux Artists AM to FM – Wes Mason et Sofia Blu

At AM to FM Promotions, we take pride for being one of the only radio trackers in Ontario who provide national-wide radio promotion services including Quebec. This week (Dec 7th 2017 – Dec 14th 2017) you can hear the latest music by indie artists, Wes Mason and Sofia Blu on 1031 FM’s Anglo Top 10 Countdown!

Congratulations to Wes Mason for reaching #8 for his single ‘Consequence’ this week on 1031 FM.

And congratulations to Sofia Blu on her single ‘Small Town Heart’ which charts at #9 this week on 1031 FM. 

And a BIG thank you to team at 1031 FM Radio!


Chez AM to FM Promotions, nous sommes fiers d’être l’un des seuls trackeurs de radio en Ontario à offrir des services de promotion radio  à l’échelle nationale, y compris le province de  Québec. Cette semaine (du 7 décembre 2017 au 14 décembre 2017), vous pouvez entendre la musique d’artistes indépendants, Wes Mason et Sofia Blu, sur le decompte  Anglo Top 10 de la station 1031 FM !

Félicitations à Wes Mason d’avoir atteint la huitième place pour son chanson ‘Conséquence’ cette semaine sur 1031 FM.

Et félicitations à Sofia Blu pour son extrait “Small Town Heart” qui se trouve au #9 niveau cette semaine sur 1031 FM.

Et un GRAND merci à l’équipe de 1031 FM Radio!

November 30th 2017 | Le 30 Novembre 2017

Pat Canavan Releases music video for single, ‘This Christmas Day’. | Artiste Pat Canavan lance son vidéo pour son chanson, ‘This Christmas Day’.



November 14th 2017 | Le 14 Novembre 2017

Dirt Road Angels Thank AM to FM Promotions on National Radio Campaign | Les Dirt Road Angels remercie AM to FM Promotions sur leur campagne radio Nationale

We want to say a great big thank you to Canadian Country Radio for playing our single “Go All In”.

Here is a list of the radio stations supporting us…. (Read entire article here)


Nous voulons dire un grand merci à la radio canadien country  pour avoir joué notre single “Go All In”.

Voici une liste des stations de radio qui nous soutiennent …. (Lire l’article entier ici)

November 9th 2017| Le 9 Novembre 2017

The holidays are coming and so is festive music!| Les fêtes viennent bientôt et que aussi les chansons festives!

Jade Mya and Ben Pelchat team up this winter to bring audience a brand new Christmas single. The song titled ” One Christmas Wish” will be released on November 13th 2017!


Jade Mya et Ben Pelchat seront en duo pour un nouveau extrait pour Noel!  La chanson est intitulé “One Christmas Wish” et lancera le 13 Novembre 2017!

November 6th 2017| Le 6 Novembre 2017

Wes Mason’s Northern Tour| La tournée du Nord avec Wes Mason

We have been on a radio and brewery tour with Wes Mason this fall.

Driving up North to Barrie,  Subdbury, and Manitoulin Island visiting Fresh, Kiss and Glo FM!  We would like to thank everyone who attended and participated in this 3 day tour. We couldn’t have done it without your support. Thank you.


Nous etions sur la route pour une tournée de radio et de brasseries avec Wes mason cet automne.

La conduite envers le Nord, nous avons passer au villes de Barrie, Sudbury et l’ile de Manitoulin.  Nous aimerions remmercier tous les membres de Fresh FM, Kiss FM et Glo FM qui ont participer. Nous vous remercions pour soutenir les artistes independantes. Merci.

October 25th 2017| Le 25 Octobre 2017

Wes Mason at Campus Radio

“The thing I am best at is music….”

Wes Mason talks music,fashion and new projects on CIUT FM‘s Rainbow Country with host Mark Tara.

You can listen to the full podcast here:


“La chose que j’ai le plus de succès c’est la musique…”

Wes Mason parle musique, la mode, et les nouveaux projets sur l’émission Rainbow Country sur CIUT FM avec Mark Tara.

Vous pouvez écoutez le podcast complèt ici (Anglais):

October 5th 2017| Le 5 Octobre 2017

Wes Mason is making media waves at CHCH TV & Fresh Radio Hamilton| Wes Mason crée du buzz à CHCH TV et Fresh Radio en Hamilton,ON

For 19 year old Wes Mason, this is normal routine. Wes Mason has created music ever since he was a kid and has continued to have a strong passion for the craft. Since releasing 2 radio singles; “Worth It” and “Consequence”, Wes has created some media buzz.

This morning Wes Mason stopped by Hamilton’s morning show, CHCH TV to record a live performance that will be airing on October 6th at 8:50 & 9:50AM. His next stop was popular hits radio station, 95.3 Fresh Radio!

Wes Mason is currently on tour promoting his new self-titled EP – WES MASON, which features 5 amazing tracks written about growing up and self discovery. You can check out Wes Mason’s new EP by visiting his website at!


Pour artiste Wes Mason  c’est toute une routine normale. Wes Mason a créé de la musique depuis son enfance et a continué à avoir une forte passion pour l’artisanat. Depuis la sortie de 2 chansons; “Worth It” et “Consequence”, Wes Mason a créé un buzz médiatiques.

Ce matin, Wes Mason s’est arrêté au studio de télévision en Hamilton, ON – CHCH TV, pour enregistrer une performance en direct qui diffusera le 6 octobre à 8h50AM et à 9h50AM. Son prochain arrêt a été la radio de hits populaires, 95.3 Fresh Radio!

Wes Mason est actuellement en tournée pour promouvoir son nouvel EP intitulé WES MASON, qui comprend 5 morceaux étonnants écrits sur la croissance et la découverte de soi. Vous pouvez consulter le nouveau EP de Wes Mason en visitant son site Web à!

Follow Wes Mason| Suivre Wes Mason


September 26th 2017

Five Questions with Polina Grace (CanadianBeats)| Cinq Questions avec Polina Grace

Montreal based, model, turned musician Polina Grace has recently released her single, “High Enough” via AMG/ SONY. We were stoked to chat with Polina during our newest segment of Five Questions With. We can’t wait to hear more from this talented Canadian artist! Read full story here:

September 25th 2017

Catch up on the latest music videos from these AM to FM Artists| Les nouvelles vidéos chez les artists AM to FM

Wes Mason – Consequence

Filmed and directed in the 6 (Toronto)! See if you can recognize where some of the shots were filmed| Filmé et produit a Toronto. Veuillez voir si vous pouvez reconaisser les scènes dans la vidéo.

Jade Mya- Dirt Covered Rhinestone

Directed and produced by multi award nominees| La vidéo et musique était produit par deux professionnels qui sont nommés pour plusieurs prix dans l’industrie.

Modern Day Poets- Say Hey

August 29th 2017

A Mini finance Guide For Indie Musicians

Written by Michelle Aguilar of the TuneCore Blog

Italian composer Claudio Monteverdi once said, “Music is spiritual. The music business is not.” Whether you’ve been in the industry for years or just starting out, there’s bound to be many bumps in the roads in terms of funding for your career as a musician and ultimately be able to make a living out of it. Hopefully this mini guide can spark new or more ideas to improve the financial facets of being an indie musician.

Set Automated Investments

Whenever you get a paycheck, use it to pay yourself first. Save it in an investment account and make sure to make this process automated. By doing this, you’re making it easier to keep up with your monthly savings. Surveys and research organizations such as Consolidated Credit suggest automated savings and it shouldn’t make you think twice as to why this is a smart idea.

According to President and CEO of Credit Financial Services Innovation, nearly half of Americans say their expenses are equal to or greater than their income and for those 18 to 25 years old, the percentage is over half, up to 54%. The key to keeping automatic investing affordable is to invest directly with a mutual fund company to avoid paying a trade commission each month. There are also some online brokers such as TD Ameritrade that offer hundreds of no-transaction-fee mutual funds in which you can automatically invest with no extra fees.

Put Your Money in a Smart Place

An IRA, or “individual retirement account” allows you huge tax savings on your investments. However, musicians, audio engineer and other creatives are recommended to set up a specific tax-free account called a Roth IRA. With this version, you put in after-tax dollars, and when you take the money out in the end, you don’t have to pay vany taxes on your returns. With ROA, you are set up to double your money every decade or so, just by keeping it in index funds.   Essentially, a Roth ROA provides the benefits of a tax-sheltered retirement account and the flexibility to deal with unexpected costs.

Pay Off Credit Card Debt


Other than contributing to your retirement account, make sure to prioritize paying off your credit card debt above all other financial goals. Whether you’ve had a credit card for a while or not, it’s helpful to build a realistic outlook on credit cards. You can use them for both small or major purchases—but the quicker you pay them off, the quicker you build your credit. If you want to use a credit card to buy music or recording gear you can’t immediately afford, well, you don’t.

Credit cards should be used if you earn a decent amount already to be able to pay them back. An alternative for this is to purchase an instrument/equipment using a loan payment plan. Some manufacturers have leasing programs, so do your research before even thinking about using a loan or your credit card.

Create a Reasonable Budget

When you crate a budget, it allows you to think about your budget less. There is freedom in budgeting. To get started, track your spending for two-three months. There’s a fast and easy way to do this by using digital tools such as It’s free, secure and it serves to help you create and track budgets, investments and goals. Once you type in your bank or credit card accounts you can track your past and current spending to see exactly where you’re at financially. By viewing your current spending, you’ll be better able to figure out where most of your spending should be taking place.

Start with a realistic appraisal of what you have been spending on average by category. Then make a budget that reflects this spending but with a slight modification that gears you towards when you want and need to spend on the most. Focus on cutting the things you don’t care about too much and preserving what you spend on the things you do care about.

Find Ways to Earn More Money

In order to do the things we love and to create the things that other people value, we must be able to sustain ourselves. How do we do that? By making more money. Once you start developing a smart and sustainable budget, there will come a point where you realize that you can’t cut your spending any further. Try any of the following tips to not only make more money in a way that makes it easier for your audience.

1. Use Social Media as a Means to Pay

Venmo is a free mobile payment service owned by Paypal which can be used as an app. Create your username and announce before, during, and/or after your show that you accept tips in the form of Venmo. You can even put a tip jar at your merch table with a big sign, “If you liked the show, show us how much! $ or Venmo: ____.”

2. Sync Licensing

Many independent musicians are making six figures a year by getting placed on TV shows, commercials and films. By allowing someone else to use your music you’re reaching a new audience that you probably weren’t even aware of and of course, licensing your music is one of the major ways to make extra revenue.

A sync license gives someone permission to synchronize your music with a visual medium like TV shows, advertisements, movies or video games. When you grant someone a sync license, you aren’t giving up your rights to that song away. You’re basically renting the rights to them for a specific use. You are the primary owner of the copyright however, and you can even license it for a different movie or advertisement if you choose.

3. Session Work

A ‘session musician’ performs a backing track for another musician while onstage or recording in a studio. As a musician, this shouldn’t be work too difficult to find, given that most musicians can play more than one instrument as well.

Do you know any musicians who are getting ready to record and need an extra hand? Do you know anyone who works at a studio? Are there any labels operating in your area? Offer your skills and take on a new project. If not, put yourself out there, whether it’s on Craigslist, social media or other digital/non-digital platforms.

Financial literacy is vital for everyone, especially for entrepreneurs. As soon as you get paid for a gig of any sort, it’s important to be mindful of how you’re going to preserve, sustain and increase that income. Your journey as a musician doesn’t have to simulate the “starving artist” lifestyle. So get your financial thinking caps on!

August 17th 2017

Entrevue avec CKVL – Skyler | Interview with CKVL FM – Skyler

Skyler avec Charlie de CKVL FM en Lasalle, QC.  Veuillez voir l’entrevue et son interprètation de ces deux single “Unleashed” et “Evil” ici:

Skyler talks about her path with music and the creativity behind her two radio singles “Evil” and “unleashed” with CKVL radio host, Charlie. Listen to the full interview on souncloud (French Only) here:

August 16th 2017

Entrevue avec Jade Mya: CFIM | Interview with Jade Mya: CFIM FM

Le 11 Aout 2017 – Allo les amis francophone! Notre artiste Jade Mya viens de faire un entrevue avec nos amis chez CFIM, la radio des Îles de la Madeleine. Veuillez écoutez l’entrevue ici

Jade Mya est présentement en tournée au Québec! Veuillez voir sa profile sur notre siteweb pour plus d’évènements et info!

Our country artist, Jade Mya had a in studio interview with CFIM. You can listen to the full interview (in french only) here:

July 25th 2017

CONTEST| Win VIP PASSES OR A Trip to Canada’s Wonderland

AM to FM Promotions and Sofia Blu are hosting a summer contest!

 To participate:
1️⃣ Watch Sofia Blu`s music video for “Be Myself”
2️⃣ Post a photo or video on Facebook and Instagram of your favourite moment from the music video.
3️⃣ Use the hashtag #BeMyself17
4️⃣ Tag us @amtofmpromotions
5️⃣ Contest closes 07/08/2017 at midnight.

Contest Rules:
Open to Canadian residents only. Persons  13+ years  may enter. Must have your own transportation. Contest begins July 25th and closes August 7th 2017 at midnight.

Maximum 2 entries per person. Persons may receive two entries if the person posted on Facebook and Instagram.

Prize ONE: Two VIP Passes to The Taste of the Danforth. Exclusive seating for Toronto’s ” The Taste of the Danforth” on Sunday, August 13th, 2017.

Prize TWO: Two full day passes to Canada’s Wonderland (Toronto).

Prize winners (1 winner for prize 1, 1 winner for prize 2) will be announced on August 8th 2017. Winners will be selected randomly based on entries through Facebook and Instagram. Winners will be contacted by phone and e-mail. Must provide this information to claim prize.


July 25th 2017

Jade Mya

The Dirt Covered Rhinestone Radio Tour

The One  88.1 FM

Country 89 FM

Radio tour continues this summer 2017! Stops in Alberta, Ontario and Québec.


écoutez l’entrevue avec 97.3 CHGA FM ICI:

July 15th 2017

Indie Artist Seminar in Ottawa

During the weekend of July 15th, AM to FM Promotions made a special trip to Ottawa for a free seminar about the music industry. The event was provided by the Independent Music Business & the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition. Attendees were able to ask specific questions about the radio business to AM to FM’s founder, Andrea Morris, who provided them with insightful information about this complex industry.

Byron (Ottawa  Music  industry Coalition), Andrea ( Am to FM Promotions)

Some of the most asked questions during our session were;

Music Licensing and royalties.

Tracking the success of a song or album.

Embedded content.

What is included in a radio campaign (budget, timing, touring).

Can-con versus international content.

We would like to thank our collaborative partners at the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition for organizing this event. For future events like this, please be sure to like and follow our Facebook Page!

Facebook Page:

June 13th 2017

CMA Ontario Awards & Conference

AM to FM Promotions celebrated Canadian country music  for the weekend in London , Ontario. The Country Music Association of Ontario hosted a weekend music conference and a finale award show on Sunday, June 11th.

The well hosted event included a variety so panels, including the Mentor’s Cafe of which our very own, Andrea Morris attended and spoke as a mentor to attendees. AM to FM artist, Alessia Cohle joined us over the weekend as well.

We were happy to be celebrating Canadian country music with upcoming stars, current country artists, and industry people alike.

For more information about the CMAO visit their website at

June 5th 2017

Sofia Blu New Music Video

Nouveau vidéo de Sofia Blu

May 29th 2017

Lilianna Wilde New Music Video

Nouveau vidéo de Lilianna Wilde

lilianna grind emGrind Me Down- Lilianna Wilde

We collaborated with our friends at PopCanRadio to promote Indie artists by donating Albums to the Telus Ride For Dad Fighting Prostate Cancer Event held on May 27th.

En collaboration avec nos amis chez  PopCanRadio pour soutenir les artistes Canadien indépendants nous avons fait un don des albums de nos artistes pour le événement, Telus Ride For Dad Fighting Prostate Cancer qui a dérouler le 27 Mai.

popcanradio telus ride
Winners of the prize featuring Lilianna’s CD!

The event was a huge success and we are so happy we had the chance to be a part of it!

May 4th 2017

Current State of R&B

Written by Earl Powell from

Happy Music Day (everyday is music day)!

You know how some songs just never get old? They always sound just as good as the 1st time you heard em.

I was listening to music the other day (still a student of my craft), and I heard a song called “Made For Love” by Charlie Wilson ft. Lalah Hathaway.  They seem like such an unlikely pair…like, their names (as a duo) would not immediately roll off your tongue, but they truly did their thing…I was immediately inspired!  Serious kudos to the production team on that joint!!!

The melody of this song hit me so hard it nearly brought me to tears as I listened.   And as a sidebar, I have to say it’s refreshing to hear real R&B (respect going out some of the other recent fire projects that I’ve heard as well – Joe, Avant, and Bruno Mars to name a few).  Hearing this song compelled me to share a couple of tips for artists, and they are:

Tip #
As an artist, your music has to come from a real place to reach a real place with your listeners.
  The songs you sing should strike a chord – pun intended!

Tip #2
A key element in many killer R&B songs is when the melody pierces your soul before you even hear the first word. This can make the difference between a song that’s a hit for now and a song that’s a hit forever.    

I know it sounds elementary, but creating songs with these elements of realness and amazing melodies is not as simple as it sounds.  Your producer plays a key role in pulling it out of you.  I could share so many stories of my clients’ songs coming from real true experiences shared in conversation, then the next thing they knew, their story was playing out in the song.  When I write for my clients, (and when they trust me, instead of trying to show me everything that they know), this is a natural progression.  Many of the songs that have resulted from these times are songs that have either been placed on major artists or that are still getting airplay right now, including new Urban AC banger “One Way Street” by music legend Tito Jackson, which just hit Billboard.  This song came from an authentic conversation with Tito, and it’s resonating with fans, as they groove with it.

But with that said, it brings me to just one more tip (and perhaps the most important one…)

Bonus Tip
Trust your producer, and if you don’t, find one that you CAN trust!!!!  The chemistry (or lack thereof) will play out in the music.

I gotta go but make the fact that I shared this with you worth your while and go make some heat!  Share it with me even!

As always, feel free to reach out for help with your recording project, and please pass this on to anyone you know who could use the info.  Much love, til next time.
As an artist, your music has to co
rd. This can make the difference between a song that’s a hit for now and a song that’s a hit forever.    

April 24th 2017

AM to FM Promotions had a wonderful Canadian Music Week 2017! AM to FM clients such as Midnight Shine, BINK,Birds of Olympus, Lemon Cash, Goodnight Sunrise and more took the stage on numerous occasions to play in Toronto this week. We want to thank everyone for making this week extraordinary.

April 18th 2017

And so it begins… CMW2017

Keeping up with Canadian Music Week 2017 can be overwhelming when there are so many exciting showcases to choose from but you can’t be everywhere at once- if only we could adapt teleportation…
Want to know what events AM to FM Promotions will be attending?
Check out the ‘Events’ tab  on our Facebook Page for all the dates/times! ?
PSSTTT  be sure to be online for exclusive live streams, videos and photos during the CMW! Follow us @amtofmpromotions or TW @AMtoFMPromotion

April 10th 2017

Michael Painchaud with Country 97 FM!

Boardroom Sessions – Episode 1 – Michael Painchaud

April 3rd 2017

Catch up with us at the CMW

Join us for this notorious week celebrating Canadian music. Our very own Midnight Shine & Lemon Cash will be playing a showcase at the Hard Rock Cafe, in Toronto, April 20th. Don’t miss out on some important showcases that will be listed under our Events tab on our website!


For tickets and information visit our event page>>

April 3rd 2017

Michael Painchaud visits Country 97FM in Prince George

michael 97fm country

Country 97 invited Michael Painchaud to play  in studio for their first boardroom session performing  his first single “Raised By Wolves”.

March 30th 2017

Five Questions With… Lisa Moore of Blood And Glass (FYI Music News)

A densely compelling collection of songs that alternate between dark ballads and cinematic pop… READ

March 20th 2017


AM to FM Promotions, Andrea Morris speaks with the CMAO Panel at the 2017 Roadshow
Photo by Jessica Moore

Saturday,  March 18th, CMAO held an educational event at Algonquin College.  Upcoming country artists learned about the important steps to developing a career in music. From personal selling, branding to building a supportive team.

Andrea Morris(Founder of AM to FM Promotions) was invited to speak to attendees for the second panel, titled ‘Sweet teams are made of this’, alongside other industry professionals.

We touched upon social media presence and how to use it strategically.

Be sure to check out our Facebook Event tab for more panels, live showcases and more!

March 14th 2017


cmao2017 sche


When: Saturday, March 18, 2017

Where: The Observatory at Algonquin College
1385 Woodroffe Ave, Ottawa, ON

The Country Music Association of Ontario (CMA Ontario) is hosting another  CMAO RoadShow: Learning Exchange and Showcase to be held at The Observatory at Algonquin College, on Saturday, March 18, 2017. The event will consist of a daylong program of educational seminars for aspiring industry professionals, artists and songwriters, featuring a AM to FM Promotions’ very own, Andrea Morris!
Email [email protected] with “RoadShow Ottawa” in the subject line to register ($25 for members/$30 for non-members ).

9:15am – 10:45am

Stand by Your Brand: Developing Your Image and Brand as an Artist

This session will discuss these concepts and examine the tools that artists are using to differentiate themselves, connect with fans, and maximize their brand equity.

10:55am – 12:25am 
Sweet Teams Are Made of This: Building Your Team & Getting Your Music Out There

Music is a team sport and having the right team in place is crucial to an artist’s success in today’s environment.

12:25pm – 1:35pm
Networking Lunch

1:45pm – 3:00pm
We’re All Ears: Demo Listening Session

 This session allows you to bring a demo and get direct feedback from music professionals – those who listen to demos as part of their job – from both a craft and business point of view. Find out what these experts have to say about song structure, lyric writing and generally how to improve your songs.

3:15pm – 4:30pm  
Don’t Bore Us, Get to the Chorus: Songwriting Panel

Hear professional songwriters discuss the mysteries and pleasures of writing songs for a living, techniques for crafting songs for radio, tips for finding inspiration and exercises to ignite the creative process, illustrated with live performances.


 We continue from 7:00pm – 9:00pm in the Observatory with the New Faces Acoustic Showcase.

March 6th 2017


Article by: Jeannie Reid

Andrea Morris, of AM to FM Promotions, has worked in the music industry in the US, UK and Canada. Her career started as a radio personality in Jacksonville, North Carolina. She quickly moved from the midnight shift to mid-days and the job of music director. It was the first of several music director positions she held.

Andrea left the music industry for five years when she moved to Los Angeles to work in market research. Her move to England brought her back into the world of music. She lived in Manchester during the heyday of the Hacienda and the Manchester music scene. During that time, Andrea hosted a late night radio show on Picadilly Key 103. Stints at a few other stations followed, and then it was time to return to her home country, the US.

She moved to her home town, Cleveland, Ohio, and took a position as the afternoon drive announcer and music director on WNWV. Needless to say, she reestablished valuable industry contacts, which eventually led to her being offered the job as regional radio promotions manager for IRS Records. She also worked for Discovery and Sire Records before moving to Canada.

Her first gig in Toronto was not at a label, but at MIX 99.9 as a fill-in announcer. She left there for the Ontario promo job at SONG Corp, and then became the national director of promotions for the company. She also held that position at Linus Records.

In 2004, Andrea decided to put her knowledge and contacts to work for herself and launched AM to FM Promotions, a full service, independent radio promotions company. While the primary focus of the company is radio promotion, clients have also been provided with international label contacts and tour promotion.

Andrea’s years as a music director makes her a natural promo person, as she has a keen understanding of what life is like on “the other side.” She knows how to get the job done, and has a track record to prove it.

February 28th 2017



AM to FM Promotions will be joining the expert panel for the CMAO Roadshow on Saturday, March 18th held at Algonquin College in Ottawa.

We will be delivering helpful tools & advice on how to develop yourself as an artist in the music industry.

We are hoping that you would be able to participate in our “Building Your Team & Getting Your Music Out There” seminar from 10:40am-11:50am.

Where: Algonquin College, Ottawa

When: Saturday, March 18th 10:40am-11:50am

What: CMAO Roadshow featuring seminars by industry experts and showcases.

More info and how you can sign up >> CMAO Roadshow 2017

February 15th 2017

Alessia Cohle: CMAO’s Artist of The Month !

alessia cohle monthThe country songstress released her Talk To Me album in November 2016 and launched an East Coast tour on the strength of the first single, How Bad (track 1 on the album), before releasing the title track to radio in January 2017… read the full article here :

February 7th 2017

Lora Ryan talks, her album and the creative process behind the music

From left; Elvis, Lora Ryan
Choq FM Toronto Pistage Radio Quebec

In this exclusive interview with pop artist Lora Ryan, Elvis (Choq fm) asks Lora about living in Toronto and her music career.  This interview has french subtitles.

AM to FM Promotions is takes pride in our involvement in the franco -ontarien community. We represent artists from across the country, promoting their music to all provincial markets ! We would like to thank CHOQ FM Toronto for being an amazing partner in the promotion of bilingual artists.


C’est notre mission comme agence de promotion radio de promouvoir les nouveaux extraits d’artistes à travers le Canada, en ligne et Europe. CHOQ FM est un excéllent partenaire Francophone situé en Toronto.  Pour savoir plus sur nos services, s’il vous plait connectez-vous avec nous.

February 2nd 2017

Check out the latest music videos by AM to FM artists !

Fortune Killers Press 4The Fortune Killers- Fool’s Gold

Vegan GirfriendFun Cam- Vegan Girlfriend

lemon-cash-vid-still-2Lemon Cash- All Over You

ariel performance go for hopeGo For Hope- Waste Away

Don’t miss out on these awesome songs- watch them NOW !

Le  2 Fevrier 2017

Cameron Fraser de l’acte rock, FUN_CAM discute son inspiration de son chanson “Vegan Girlfriend” avec Elvis de franco-radio CHOQ FM.

“L’un de ses titres les plus connus s’intitule « Vegan Girlfriend », une chanson hilarante qui nous ouvre à l’univers singulier d’un artiste talentueux et original que vous devez absolument découvrir. Fun Cam est un anglophone qui a accepté de nous répondre en français. Nous l’en remercions.”

écouter l’entretien ici >>

January 17th 2017

brett alessia

Alessia Cohle is a special guest with Brett Kissel

#2 on Aircheck Country  DMDS Downloads !!

aircheck country

November 22nd 2016

Alysha Brilla Talks to Youth


November 15th 2016

Alessia Cohle hosted a wonderful soirée at Lula Lounge for the launch of her album, Talk To Me.   Audiences, family and friends gathered in the celebration as Alessia performed the key tracks from the project.

The country album is available now on Itunes! Go check out the Itunes Store.

October 26th 2016

Alysha Brilla on Breakfast Television Toronto


Alysha Talks about the inspiration behind her latest album ” Human”.

October 3rd 2016

Alessia Cohle is officially on her Radio Tour Today!


+ Photos from the AM to FM Promotions Showcase

Hidden Stash @the AM to FM Showcase
Hidden Stash @the AM to FM Showcase
Dylan Briscall @the AM to FM Showcase
Dylan Briscall @the AM to FM Showcase


September 20th 2016

AM to FM Promotions Acoustic Showcase


This Thursday (September 22nd 2016  at Placebo Space, Toronto) AM to FM Promotions will be hosting a acoustic live event featuring three of our artists!

Who you can hear play:

Wes Mason

Dylan Briscall

Michael Gray (Hidden Stash)

Come join us, grab a drink and enjoy a night full of music!

Check this out for more info:

*Free Admission/tips are appreciated

September 12th 2016

Canadian Country Music Week and Awards 2016

September 8th 2016 to September 11th 2016, the city of London, Ontario hosted the CCMAs. Country music spread across downtown London as many artists took the main stage and venues. AM to FM Promotions artists Jade Mya and Alessia Cohle were among many emerging country artists and big names such as Dean Brody, The Road Hammers, etc…

Alessia Cohle played in the house band all week long, alongside many country artists and events throughout the exciting week.

We are so happy we had this opportunity to experience Country Music Week this year and hope to attend next years festivities!

14285051_10210134745034126_1070953142_o 14285176_10210143689817740_1737057318_o 14285178_10210143681737538_618331799_o 14285389_10210143689697737_2089503678_o 14302794_10210140071887294_767964775_n

September 10th 2016

We Are Wolves FYI Music News Article


September 1st 2016

Andrea Morris will be speaking at the Canadian Urban Music Conference held in Toronto, this Saturday (September 3rd 2016).

learn confe

Lear more about the conference here:

August 23rd 2016

See YOU at the Canadian Country Music Awards!

AM to FM Promotions will be attending  the CCMA’s this year in London Ontario! Come say hello  between September 8th to 11th 2016. We will be with special guest, Alessia Cohle who is set to perform on the 11th (Sunday)!

CMW_LondonThis four-day music extravaganza will culminate with the Canadian Country Music Association Awards broadcast on Sunday, September 11th 2016.

August 15th 2016

Jade Mya’s Release Party: Debut Album    “Heartbreak Country”

The lovely Jade Mya performed live downtown Toronto for fans and music insiders for the release of her debut country album, Heartbreak Country featuring the songs “Telescope”, “Lies of the lonely”, and “Make Lightnin’ “.

August 15th 2016

Happy Birthday Andrea Morris!

Her prose is always upbeat, the facts often surprising and mostly the music she’s behind is worth a listen to… -FYIMusicNews

What a lovely birthday surprise from FYIMusicNews today!

Read article here:

August 5th 2016

AM to FM: Country Fest


Am to Fm Promotions headed up to Manitoulin Island on Friday morning for the town’s 2016 Country Fest, featuring an AM to FM Promotions artist, Alessia Cohle.  Everyone had a blast at the Country Music festival. Alessia’s performance of her latest track, “How Bad” had crowds stunned and wanting more!

July 29th 2016

Kaylan Mackinnon: On Air with Mountain FM


Listen to her sing her single: Espresso Kiss

July 27th 2016

Jade Mya: Album Release Showcase

CD Jade

Jade Mya, is not your girl next door, this Canadian country musician is taking the industry by storm and is set to launch her debut full length album, Heartbreak Country, on August 11. Partnered with renowned musical producer and songwriter who has collaborated with Hollywood talent such as Justin Bieber, Johnny Reid, Chantal Kreviazuk, Divine Brown and Tyga, Douglas Romanow of Noble Street Studio, produced and co-wrote the album, along with Corey Congilio and Benita Hill. A stunning new voice in the Canadian Country Music Industry, her music is inspired by old country sounds, channeling the unique fire and rebellion of Johnny Cash, and the power and seductive confidence of Dolly Parton. With her music’s heart-felt traditional country folk style as well as her edgy girl twist, Heartbreak Country connects her to young fans home and abroad.

Her latest single, Lies Of The Lonely, is available on iTunes and is currently being played across Canada including KG Country of Red Deer, AB, CFQX/QX104 of Winnipeg, MB and CJWW of Saskatoon, SK.

“Heartbreak Country was inspired simply from a broken heart,” says Mya. “It’s where country music originates from, not the beer drinkin’ and partyin’ but the sad honest relatable love stories.”

Mya has crafted a unique persona that is not the traditional country singer, rebelling from the country norm, while still keeping to her edgy twist of not your girl next door.

Track List: 1. Lies of The Lonely 2. Telescope 3. Loving Him is Killing You 4. Another Thing Coming 5.This Love Ain’t Big Enough 6. Stronger Than Me 7. Make Lightning

July 23rd 2016

Wes Mason Performs at Rock The Hills in Georgetown!

Rock The Hills
Rock The Hills

July 11t3, 2016

June 20th 2016

Flying Joes Canada Tour!


Upcoming | Local DatesShare:
Date Venue Location Tickets
Jun 24 Fox N Hound

Riverview, Canada Tickets
Jun 25 Festival Jazz & Blues Edmundston, Canada Tickets
Jul 02 Bike Show Chute-Aux-Outardes, Canada Tickets
Jul 15 Le Centre Des Congrès Sept-Îles, Canada Tickets
Jul 16 L’Ecoutille Havre-St-Pierre, Canada Tickets
Jul 21 Le Satyre

Trois-Rivieres, Canada Tickets
Jul 23 Lonestar Ottawa, Canada Tickets
Aug 05 Cherry Cola’s Rock ‘N’ Rolla

Toronto, Canada Tickets
Aug 12 Fun Fest Weekend Rockabilly, Swing & Blues

St-Georges, Canada Tickets
Aug 13 Rock Fest Pour La Santée Mentale L’Épiphanie Paroisse, Canada Tickets
Aug 20 Lavigne Tavern Clarence-Rockland, Canada Tickets
Aug 26 Le Cerbere St-Jérôme, Canada Tickets
Sep 02 La Chasse-Galerie Lavaltrie, Canada Tickets
Sep 09 La Scène Evolu-Son

Rouyn-Noranda, Canada Tickets
Sep 10 Le Prospecteur Val-D’or, Canada Tickets
Oct 01 L’anti Bar & Spectacles Quebec, Canada Tickets
Oct 15 Cabaret Espace Scene Rimouski, Canada

flying joes

June 13th 2016

Jennifer Knuth is a nurse who was evacuated from Fort MacMurray. She was so touched by the hard work of the first responders, she wanted to do somethingto help.  She has joined forces with TEMA an organization that provides support, resources, education, and financial assistance to first responders and military personnel across Canada who have been affected by PTSD.

Jennifer Knuth  est une infermière qui avait été évacué de Fort MacMurray. Elle a été tellement touché par le travail des premiers intervenants qu’elle voulait faire quelque chose pour aider. Elle a rejoint avec l’organisation TEMA, qui offre des soutien, ressources, ressource fnnancieres et l’education aux premier intervenants et au personnel militaire a travers le Canada qui ont été touchés par le PTSD.

She has started a campaign to put shirts on the backs of all first responders across Canada, as these men and women have kept the city and spirits alive through this tragic time. With June being PTSD Awareness Month, there is no better time to let our men and women know that they are not alone. I am hoping you will help spread the word.

Here is a link to information on the TEMA site. |Pour plus d’information, voici le lien pour le site web de TEMA.!our-store/c1f07

You can donate to purchase shirts for the first responders, and you can buy a shirt for yourself as well.

If you would like to speak to Jennifer for more information, you can contact her at [email protected] |Rejoignez Jeniffer par courriel. 

Let's Get Gone PROMO

We are very proud to announce that Alessia Cohle will be the voice of CHAW COUNTRY 103 – GREAT LAKES COUNTRY. Country 103. It will be the only country station to have a female voice…

We can’t wait to hear her voice when the station launches on April 1!

CTV morning live : Jade Mya.

 Jade Mya live in studio at 100.7 The Island

Rock It Up! TV with Andrea Morris (AM to FM Promotions)

A23T4774 copyFlying Joes was at the Horseshoe Tavern on November 24th.

We were there and had a great time watching this amazing band on stage!
We are really proud to work for them!
Here are a couple of pictures of this awesome Night:

First AM to FM Promotions Acoustic Session with Alessia Cohle & Northern Heights
Toute première vidéo des sessions acoustique AM to FM Promotions

Alessia Cohle - October concerts in Toronto
Alessia Cohle – October concerts in Toronto

Article published in The Toronto Sun (Friday September 4 & Sunday September 6, 2015)
Article paru dans le Toronto Sun (Vendredi 4 & Dimanche 6 Septembre 2015)

Toronto Sun-Alessia Cohle (an artist AMtoFM Promotions)
Toronto Sun-Alessia Cohle (an artist AMtoFM Promotions)

Stay Tuned, Alessia Cohle is touring in your Area!
Restez branchés, Alessia Cohle est en tournée près de chez vous!

Hamilton Pan Am tomorrow July 15 3-5pm at Gore Park
Toronto Beaches Jazz Festival July 23, 24, 25 between 7-11pm
Ancaster Coach and Lantern August 1st 9-12am
Lynn River Rotary Festival August 2nd 4-5pm
Montreal- Brutopia August 5th 8-12
Cape Breton- Banks Schoolhouse Concert August 10th and 11th

More to come… | Et plus à venir…

New T-shirts at AM to FM Promotions! Our artists like it too!
Nouveaux T-shirts à AM to FM Promotions! Nos artistes aime ca aussi!

Alessia Cohle est citée dans cet article de eBitznews!
Alessia Cohle is quoted in  this eBitznews’ article!

Ed Sheeran hit the ground running as multi-purpose host of the MMVAs in Toronto

Quelques Photos de la soirée de lancement de “Let’s Get Gone”, premier album d’ Alessia Cohle
Photos of the Launch Party of “Let’s Get Gone”, Alessia Cohle’s debut album

Quelques-uns de nos artistes à la soirée Much Music Video Awards à Toronto le 21 Juin 2015
Some of our artists at Much Music Video Award in Toronto on June 21st, 2015

Article about Dave Cormier on the Music website “Play in Victoria”

– Great article about Alessia Cohle at Steve’s Music Store Toronto
– Article in Mississauga News about Alessia

Alessia Cohle était l’invitée du matin à COUNTRY 89 à Welland, ON le 12 Juin
Alessia Cohle was in the Morning show at COUNTRY 89 in Welland, ON on June 12th.

HighDiamond on tour accross Canada!
HighDiamond est en tournée à travers le Canada

Alessia Cohle poster (Steves)

Alessia Cohle is releasing her album on June 24th!
Alessia Cohle lance son album le 24 Juin!


 Join AM to FM at Boots & Bourbon for an awesome country night!
Rejoignez l’équipe de AM to FM à Boots & Bourbon
pour une soirée country haute en couleurs! 

Our artist are on the way to the prestigious MIDEM festival in Cannes, France.
in collaboration with Sugar Moon Music Inc. 



AM to FM Promotions is proud to announce it is now part of the new Indie Connectors venture!

Indie Connectors is THE place for artists and anyone in the indie world, to grow their network and connect with REPUTABLE people in the industry!

Check this out Here

Indie Connectors Logo 4C

AM to FM Promotions est fier de désormais faire partie de l’aventure Indie Connectors!

Indie Connectors est LA plateforme pour les artistes et toute personne dans le monde de la musique indépendante désirant se connecter avec des personnes honorables dans l’industrie!

Visitez la plateforme ici

Busy week for AM to FM Promotions @CMW (Canadian Music Week in Toronto| May1-10th) | Semaine chargée pour AM to FM Promotions @ CMW (Canadian Music Week à Toronto| 1er-10 Mai 2015)

Alessia Cohle was lately in the Morning show with Craig Fox @Country 107.3 CJDL FM! | Alessia Cohle était en entrevue dernièrement avec Craig Fox dans l’émission du matin @Country 107.3 CJDL FM!