Rave Reviews of AM to FM Promotions

“AM to FM’s knowledge of the music business took our careers & brand to the next level. From day 1, AM to FM worked closely with us to accomplish our goals and put together an extremely successful radio promotion campaign which included a well routed, 6 week long radio tour across the country.”

“Because of AM to FM promotions I have achieved a big dream of mine! Three of my singles have made it onto Canadian Hot AC radio. Andrea is persistent and believes in the goal. I am incredibly appreciative of the work she has done to help me with my music.  Forever grateful for AM to FM !” – Emma Alves, artist

“Andrea Morris is the difference between a long shot and a calculated process. The music business is a business and without knowing the back end of the industry, positive results are hard to come by. But there is hope for musicians of all genres and that light at the end of the tunnel comes in the form of AM To FM Promotions.” – Bloghoarder.com

We’ve worked with Andrea in the past and we found her to be the consummate pro in the field of radio plugging. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to plug their music to radio regardless of whether its in Canada or the US. Thanks for your support Andrea.” Lewis Nitikman & John Reilly

“They’re hardworkingdedicatedwell trained and connected in the industry with radio and promotion. Their professionalism and their interactions with artists and radio personnel are next to none. Being able to hear my songs on the radio is such an incredible feeling and I owe a huge ‘thank you’ to AM to FM Promotions!” – Alessia Cohle, Country singer/songwriter.

“The relationships we were able to make through AM to FM with radio music directors have allowed our music to reach heights that we would have never been able to do on our own.
Thank you AM to FM for your constant hard work and dedication. We look forward to working with you in the future. -Chad McMonagle

“The music industry is full of noise and I don’t mean the music itself. There is a lot to filter through to find the diamonds that shine for us all. The true stars. Those artists who make a difference in the world and innovate the craft. AM to FM does a phenomenal job not just finding the acts that matter but builds them up and catapults them into the masses. – Daniel Hodgson

Andrea Morris is the Queen of Radio Promotion. With decades of international music industry experience she regularly mentors young artists with valuable advice and honest feedback. With her clients, I have seen that she commits 100% and works tirelessly to achieve results.” – Diane Foy, PR Director, Skylar Entertainment

“Cest toujours un plaisir! Ce que j’aime d’AM to FM Promotions, c’est qu’ils remercient souvent les stations de radio de leur soutien via les réseaux sociaux, ce qui me met toujours un sourire au visage. Ils tiennent à nous faire savoir que nous faisons une différence pour leurs artistes, ce qui est très apprécié!” – Billie-Lou Roy,  Responsable de la programmation musicale CHHO FM 103,1

“I am beyond thrilled with the service, support, and performance from the whole team at AM To FM Promotions.  The number of radio station adds for my single “Wait On The Weekend” has far exceeded my expectations.  Andrea has keep me updated and informed about station adds as soon as they happen.  The weekly reporting for the radio campaign is clear, thorough, and incredibly valuable for sending out thank you notes and follow up calls.  I would certainly recommend AM to FM Promotions to any artist that is serious about creating buzz and traction for their singles at radio”. – Doug Folkins, country artist

To all the wonderful people at AM to FM Promotions. A great big thank you for doing such a great job and going the extra mile for our Artists  -Dave McCluskey, Cloverland Records

“Working with Andrea and the team at AMTOFM has been amazing.  First of all, Andrea knows her stuff. Her industry contacts are invaluable but what I appreciate the most about Andrea is that she is a straight shooter and gets things done. She’s great at getting back to me promptly and that speaks volumes. Jessica and Andrea make a great team. They combine their skill sets for a comprehensive service package that is personalized for each client. Hardworking, dedicated, results-driven and a whole lot of fun to work with!” – Chantale Argue (The Argues)

“AM to FM has been a valuable, consistent, caring partner as we grow our presence in the Canadian country music scene. They have gone above and beyond for our team helping organize radio tours, interviews, live sessions, gigs and ultimately delivering meaningful results that have helped Nate Daviau gain real notoriety.  The team leverages their deep relationships and experience to provide connections and advice within and outside of radio, helping us build a strong multi-channel marketing strategy. They are a delight to work with and our favourite people for those long Canadian road trips!”  – Sam Daviau, manager for artist Nate Daviau

“Usually for new artists you need to find the best radio tracker to make sure your song gets some sort of plays. I got way more plays than expected as a new artist with AM TO FM Promotions. No brainer here. “
-Odious Love (artist)

“Andrea Morris of AM to FM Promotions works hard to get her artists every opportunity possible,  opening doors for the Jonny Debt Band we didn’t know existed.  AM to FM  has gotten Jonny Debt radio rotation on dozens of commercial stations, leading to chart positions for our last three singles, guest list passes to red carpet events and a tour to China, a festival tour of Germany and France. There are no guarantees in music, but having AM to FM Promotions as a part of your team makes the whole process a lot more fun. Thank You !”   – Jonny Debt, artist

“On behalf of “Team Ballentine” I want to thank you  for all the ground work introducing Heather and her single “Needle in A Haystack” to radio. For the interviews, features and adds. We look forward to keeping you updated on Heather’s career and brand development and look forward to seeing you at some shows and the possibility to work radio again. – Barry Haugen – Promoter Promoter (Canadian country Hall of Fame)

I hired Andrea Morris to track my Christmas single “The Huron Carol-Angel’s Song Remix” in 2010. I had never tracked a single before. Andrea was really cool about explaining the process, helping me understand how it worked, how decisions were made. She didn’t make any lavish promises, just gave me a realistic expectation for the level of success she saw it could have. Looking back, I also recall that she wanted to know about my track record as an artist and my other songs to make sure I had credibility. This made me realize that her business philosophy is building  healthy long-term relationships with radio and integrity in the industry as a whole. Andrea and her crew  went above and beyond, helping me with publicity, videography and finding a venue for my CD release party. I would recommend AM to FM’s services to any musician that needed a tracker…and I would perhaps suggest that if she is interested in your career and music, then you must have something good going on, so take it as a compliment. -Sonia Funk, Artist

“I have known Andrea Morris and her team for several years and have always been impressed with her work ethic, her utter professionalism, and her ability to get results that can guide an artist to success. She selflessly recommends and introduces artists to other businesses to further their goals. I am happily working with several artists she introduced to me, one just returned from a successful tour of China and a couple of others are on their way to Europe next year, having a solid base to draw from in Canada including their work with AM to FM” – Margaret Dinsdale, President Sugar Moon Music


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