You’ve written the song, you’ve recorded it, it sounds great, now you need someone you can trust to get it to right people. AM to FM Promotions is a company I know I can trust to present my songs to the best radio stations across Canada. They have given me valuable feedback and created amazing opportunities which resulted in a buzz about my music, which continues to grow. I have had such a positive experience working with AM to FM Promotions and would highly recommend them to any indie artist.” – Julia Tynes, Artist


“C’est toujours un plaisir! Ce que j’aime d’AM to FM Promotions, c’est qu’ils remercient souvent les stations de radio de leur soutien via les réseaux sociaux, ce qui me met toujours un sourire au visage. Ils tiennent à nous faire savoir que nous faisons une différence pour leurs artistes, ce qui est très apprécié! – Billie-Lou Roy,  Responsable de la programmation musicale CHHO FM 103,1

Wonderful opportunities have opened up for me  while working with AM to FM promotions – I’ve been included in red carpet events, been introduced to the Canadian country music industry, met other incredible artists, songwriters, radio personnel, and learned so much as an artist. Being able to hear my songs on the radio is such an incredible feeling and I owe a huge ‘thank you’ to AM to FM Promotions for not only their service, but also their help and guidanceindustry with radio and promotion. Their professionalism and their interactions with artists and radio personnel are next to none. Being able to hear my songs on the radio is such an incredible feeling and I owe a huge ‘thank you’ to AM to FM Promotions!” Alessia Cohle, Country singer/songwriter.


“AM to FM has been a valuable, consistent, caring partner as we grow our presence in the Canadian country music scene. They have gone above and beyond for our team helping organize radio tours, interviews, live sessions, gigs and ultimately delivering meaningful results that have helped Nate Daviau gain real notoriety.  The team leverages their deep relationships and experience to provide connections and advice within and outside of radio, helping us build a strong multi-channel marketing strategy. They are a delight to work with and our favourite people for those long Canadian road trips!”  – Sam Daviau, manager for artist Nate Daviau

“The relationships we were able to make through AM to FM with radio music directors have allowed our music to reach heights that we would have never been able to do on our own. Thank you AM to FM for your constant hard work and dedication. We look forward to working with you in the future.” -Chad McMonagle, artist

Since working with AM to FM promotions, our experience has been nothing short of extraordinary. Before deciding to work with them we had an offer from another company, but the depth of Andrea’s radio promotion plan made the decision an easy one. Andrea and Jessica are constantly following up on news, updates and ideas to further promote our music. You really get the sense that they care about you as an artist and our success is their success.  – Lemon Cash, Canadian Band

“Andrea Morris of AM to FM Promotions works hard to get her artists every opportunity possible,  opening doors for the Jonny Debt Band we didn’t know existed.  There are no guarantees in music, but having AM to FM Promotions as part of your artist team makes the whole process a lot more fun.  Thank You!”  –Jonny Debt, artist